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  • When I started playing this game about a week ago i felt the combat was right on the money with all weapons and classes. However, after this last content update its extremly frustrating to the point I no longer feel like playing. Using the 2 handed mace is now worthless in tactical 1v1 combat, it works ok when sneaking up and taking out multiple unaware players but other than that its not worth it at all. The 2 handed sword Stab has less distance on it than some Daggers Ive gone up aganist.

    I hope you guys consider just scrapping the combat changes you made in the last patch because IMO its ruined the fun of the game from the 2 handed perspective. Allowing Men at Arms ridiculous dodge abilities and allowing their weapons to have the range they do is also a very bad choice.

  • Grand mace was not touched in this patch. It was never a good weapon though.I have to agree it is awesome looking though :D

    Which 2h sword are you talking about? Not that it matters much as all 2h sword have substantially more range than any dagger.

    Maa weapons have the shortest ranging weapons in the game. Without their dodge they would be fodder. Dodge has to be very strong, otherwise you have a class with short range weapons, low damage and low hp. Dodge improves their range and defensive abilities substantially, but this is needed. But you are right that 2h is right now inferior to 1h. But you gotta blame the shields and archers for that mostly.

  • The 2h sword Im talking about is the first one in the Knight line at the bottom. The range on stab has been decreased to the point of a one hander or worse. The Mace seems to block sometimes when trying to swing (happened to me 4 times in a row this morning) and it seems like players are hitting through the block when I try to do that as well.

    I understand the mace is slow so Im not too concerned since it is what it is but the 2 handed sword might as well be a one hander now. Its hard to put my finger on what has actully changed since the combat can be fast at times but the game simply does not feel the same in a lot of aspects and the MAA are currently a bit ridiculous sometimes dodging what seems to be ten feet backwards .

    All Im saying is I was happy with all the classes before this last patch. Now not so much :)

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    Read for yourself if you don’t believe me. I’m just trying to help you, why should I lie to you?

  • I’m having a huge problem as well. It seems like servers are full of Man at Arms who charge up in my face and spam the LMB. They are too quick and I cannot do anything about it, and they don’t even have to use the dodge.

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