Seperate Fxaa From Depth of Field

  • All of the games post processing affects (fxaa, color rebalance, dof, etc) seemed to be tied to the depth of field setting in the video settings. Any chance that they could be more seperated?

    Fxaa is good anti-aliasing for people with weaker hardware because it blurs the whole scene to eliminate the jaggies at a cheap cost. But for some the screen blurring is not needed because we can afford to force MSAA through our control panels.

    Unless someone has found a way to do this in the .ini files?

  • I was thinking about it just this morning, I love the sharpness and clarity when DOF is turned off but then the jaggies are worse, I really dont care about the DOF effect , all I want is good AA and the sharpest image possible.

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