Clarity of the Killfeed.

  • When playing and especially in large fights it is actually fairly hard to determine quickly if the opponent is dead, without staring at the feed. I propose a simple change.

    Lets say I’m on the Blue team. My name is a certain colour say for example yellow and all my other teams names are blue.

    When I glance at the feed I see

    BLUE Slayed RED
    RED Slayed BLUE
    BLUE Slayed RED
    Yellow (Me) Slayed RED

    From a simple glance I know I have killed. Everything remains the same but I just see my name in a new colour.

  • I’ve seen this implemented in some games, and i like it

    about a week or so, i changed my steams name, and after that i couldnt find my kills on the hud (as i was not yet familiariced with my new name)

    +1 to this idea

  • +1 , well i never had any problems knowing when my oponent is dead but it would still be more visual …… its more of a fine tuning imo

  • +1, Its not necessary, but makes it easier.

  • I agree, and I also think that the weapon icons in the kill list should be white, or another non-team color.

  • Bump.

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