Just got the game and this happens…

  • [mad sin] chivalry eu dedicated server 1… what to say… I played with my friend for hours on in and we were having fun and to be honest we were dominating the fights and just now we got banned to the server… why is that vote kick allowed? just because we happened to do good in the games means that we get banned by a vote kick? seriously a good suggestion could be to change the vote kick into something better, that way its just a unfair way for people to randomly kick others.

  • People are dicks.

  • Your best bet is to use an official server… You won’t be banned for no reason… People don’t typically votekick for no reason, and if they do, they don’t usually win without proper reason… At least from what I have seen. Private servers can be run by jerks sometimes and they can ban for no reason if they want to.

  • Just a heads up. Votekick is a temporary ban, like a few minutes. So don’t worry you can go back in there if you enjoy the server. Only admins can drop an actual ban. But yes come check out the Official servers where there are friendly moderators :D

  • Yeah I quess I gotta try the official servers and I played there for what 6-8 hours straight and I got vote kicked after 2-3 other list leaders were kicked from both sides, and actually I managed to ask them why they would kick me before the vote was finished and got a anwser along the lines : go build a life or something. aka get a life nerd to put it bluntly… yeah I had a free day after weeks and I spend it in a new game enjoying myself only to get kicked out because I was more familiar with the game type alongside with my friend and other list leaders.

  • This happens to me in every server I join, at one point or another. I think votekick should do as it says, kick a player from the game and not temporarily ban them. There should be a voteban which requires 75% of votes and lasts 30 minutes.

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