Strange Networking Problem

  • I have a working Chivalry Server, behind a NAT with 7777 and 7778 forwarded.

    It shows up in the Steam Master Server List.

    I can connect to it, but I get stuck on “Waiting for game to load message”

    Here’s the really, really strange thing. I see it trying to connect back to clients on their
    NON-NATTED addresses…. Which of course will never work.

    It seems as if the client connecting to the server is communicating it’s LAN ip to the server, and the server is then attempting to connect back to clients on strange high-port numbers.

    tcp 0 1 us-wyn-lab-util04:37544 SYN_SENT
    tcp 0 1 us-wyn-lab-util04:54447 SYN_SENT
    tcp 0 1 us-wyn-lab-util04:41892 SYN_SENT

    It appears that users connecting with REAL ip addresses (not behind a NAT) are able to connect and use the server. Users behind a NAT, cannot.

    Any help greatly appreciated.


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