Kill Them All: League team profile: Vanquish

  • Team Name: Vanquish

    Your Name/ Rank:
    Vq.| Able / Co-Leader
    Vq.| Mike Honcho, Poet Laureate (Officer)

    When was your team formed?
    Able: December, 2007

    Mike Honcho: The dark ages, which even Steam has no reliable record of.

    How did your team begin?
    Able: Created by gB and Guammer.

    Mike Honcho: I’m told it didn’t really begin in earnest until Guammer split. The facts don’t really matter; for me, it began when I joined. The second time. Because I’ve blocked that first afternoon with you dudes out of my memory.

    How long has your team been playing Age of Chivalry?
    Since the release of 1.0

    Mike Honcho: Longer than I’ve been playing Age of Chivalry.

    Does your team have its own server?
    Yes, “Vanquish! The Thrilla in Manilla”

    Mike Honcho: We do now, I’ve been pushing to get another one for a while now; not because I intend to play on it, so much as I really like the thought that it exists.


    How many members do you have?
    Officially, 42

    Mike Honcho: Enough.

    What is the age range of your team members?
    18 – 31

    Who are the leaders of your team?
    gB and myself.

    Mike Honcho: The ones who aren’t too lazy to talk during scrims.

    Do you have any team ranks?
    Leader, Officer, Regular, and at times we may have a Recruit or two.

    Mike Honcho: Yeah, they tell me I’m an officer now, so woohoo for that! Labels don’t really matter, so long as I play and we win. The sentiment is appreciated, however.

    Do you have captains/officers?

    Who are they?
    Warrius, Vox, and Mike Honcho

    Does your team stand for anything?
    1. a. To defeat or conquer in battle; subjugate.
    b. To defeat in a contest, conflict, or competition.
    2. To overcome or subdue

    Mike Honcho: Whenever a lady enters the room.

    How would you best describe your team?
    The best clan I have ever had the privilege of playing with.

    Mike Honcho: We’re a bunch of dicks with integrity and really good manners, which is like the top combination of traits that people can have. Also, I’m biased.

    What do you think about the Age of Chivalry league?
    It is wonderful that this game is having another surge. A lot of people thought it was all going to be over after CR3 was not released, but this just goes to show how much people really do love this game. I know leagues have been attempted in the past and never lasted very long, but I think gB keeping it simple and the enthusiasm I have seen from the other clans involved should make this one fun.

    Mike Honcho: I have some reservations…at the Seattle Hilton on the weekend of our first scrim. I’m totally for the league, though.

    Is there anything your team is looking forward to the most this season?
    Keeping the game alive through competition and winning of course.

    Mike Honcho: The return of halter top weather.

    What is your teams best map?
    I’d have to say Helms Deep.

    What would you say is your teams biggest strength?
    Teamwork and high game IQ when it comes to competitive matches.

    Mike Honcho: Opportunistically patient knights.

    Which team do you think is your biggest competition and why?
    Kila, Captain America has done a great job of bringing that clan back from the dead by picking up some really solid players.

    Are you recruiting?
    Not at this time.

    What kind of players does your team look for?
    Friendly, respectful, and team oriented players.

    Mike Honcho: Dicks with integrity and really good manners.

    Does your team plan to play competitively in Chivalry: Medieval Warefare?
    If we all live to play it after December, then yeah!

    Mike Honcho: Yeah, but right now, I’m really bad at it.

    What are you looking forward to the most in Chivalry: Medieval Warfare?
    A new fighting style; I love all the quirks AoC has, and most of the time they make this game great, but there are some aspects of the game currently that can be frustrating. I hope it all is smoothed out and balanced in Chiv. Oh, and new ways to kill Auditor.

    Mike Honcho: Hopefully, getting to play again with my buddies who’ve moved on from AoC.

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  • Aww Honcho mentioning in me the strengths section.

    <3 Honcho.

  • I forget whos mike honcho?

  • He’s that one dude that we sometimes play with and stuff

  • I would like to stick with a solid clan with some history so sign me up when the full game is released ^_^

  • Nice post. I like it. Thanks for sharing these information. Keep it up. :P

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