Incentive to play game types rather than k/d focus

  • Let me just start, by saying, my guild really loves this game, we’re got about 15-20 people to buy this recently, and we are having quite a bit of fun. Thing is though, there is a bit of a burnout factor, that could be remedied, and it also would make Chivalry, a more rounded title, that would keep people playing, and recommending it to associates, further down the line.

    As of now, there is nothing other than bragging rights, to win the different game types. The only thing right now being rewarded, is your kill count.

    And there is so much MORE to this game!

    First I’ve noticed, that the Veteran helmets, that are rewarded for opening primary weapons of the different classes, are skins, rather than full-out models. And people like them, whether because they’re cool looking, or just because they give a new option, to the extent, that they will even play w/ weapons they don’t even plan on using, just to get them. That is an incentive, bieng acted upon.

    But, as it is right now, there is no incentive, to actually achieve a victory of the various game types, there is actually more incentive to ignore them, and focus on k/d, based on the veteran helmets, which in a way, takes away from the intent of your game types to a degree, and rewards those that ignore it.

    Why not, reward new armor/helmet/weapon skins, for winning ‘X’ amount of a particular game type?

    How about perhaps even some unlocks of a few, not overpowered, but slightly different weapons, for achieving those same goals?

    surely, skins cant be that hard to implement or create? And surely, wouldn’t they drive a significant number of people, towards playing the different game types, as intended?

    I honestly think its the logical next step, so maybe I’m just saying something, that you are already planning, BUT if you are not, please do!!

    I would also recommend some options on the server side, to run things with less ‘red vs blue’ more custom skins, and use floating nametags as the indentifier as to what side your on, rather than the gamey- color coded sides thing, for servers that want their game to look a little more rich and interesting. Maybe just make those ‘Free for all’ skins available either as default selectable options, or unlockable.

    People really like indivuality, in terms of their character’s looks, the name tags instead of blue vs red as a server side option, would make ALOT of people, I think very happy.

    BTW, on a side note,

    I really love the addition of those multi-colored and designed tabards.surcoates in free for all, and i would imagine, you have alot of customers, that would like to use them to make thier ‘character’ feel a little more like an individual as well.

  • I’m ok about rewarding players with unlockables when winning objectives

    The customization thing, has been discussed a lot

    you cant expect to have different colors in objective games other than blue and red, but i guess you can have different skins with the same colors, and new kinds of armors.

    and you would have a fully customizable character, even colors, for free for all or other individual gamemodes, i think that would make it.

    Also, veteran helmets are not only reskins, they are fully new models, they add things to the model.

  • Not to be nit-picky,

    I’m not so sure that that the helmets aren’t just skins.

    I’m a skinner/modeller myself, and it appears to me that some of the ones that appear to have additional stuff, are simply parts of the model layer that where made invisible on the defaults, and added back in as visible in the veteran pieces, such as the faceplate, on the order knight.

    IE, you make the faceplate ‘invisible’ on the order default knight, and then you allow it to be visible again in the veteran knight - giving the illusion of an all new model.

    Also, its not impossible to do custom colors on skins on both sides in mulltiplayer, if you can only see one sides nametags, or the sides nametags both have different colored tags IE red name tags for order, blue for Agatha.

    Its just a matter of preference, and has been done in many games like M&B warband….

    I’m not saying change it, i’m saying offer it as an option server side, so that you would still have the option to play ‘classic’ IE red vs blue, OR red vs blue ‘name-tags’, with a diversity of armor colors on both sides.

    Then the players could just go towards whatever ‘server-types’ they prefer on their own.

  • Yes great ideas. It would be lovely to customize more than the helmets. Especially if certain game types gave different rewards or something, so you would play all the things. Just look how successful adding in some hats and custom gear can be, see TeamFortress2!!

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