[SOLVED] Server list crashing internet

  • Hello,

    I bought 2x Chivalry game yesterday on steam. One for me and my brother.
    The game is great and all, but everytime me or him goes into the server list,
    we see the list showing a couple servers then it crash my internet.

    I have to restart my router everytime. The only ways we can play, is if
    i click JOIN GAME if one of my online friend play it from the steam menu (outside game).

    I doesnt want to be stuck only with that option to play a game, i dont even have the
    choice of the map that ways.

    Anyone had something similar and found a way? This is ridiculous, never seen a game
    crashing my internet before.

  • Check out this thread and the link to the Steam forums in it:


  • Thank you very much for your answer. :)

    I’ll give it a try, this seem exactly what is happening…query overload.

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