Most of the serious bugs haven't been fixed

  • Hey guys, I’m not here to come and whine, i realize this is an indie game and that the game is truly awesome.

    I’m hardly one to complain about games, but even I am starting to get really annoyed by some of these bugs that are plaguing the game.

    I’m sure tons of players are experiencing the same thing, but….

    The UDK crash hasn’t gone anywhere. I still get it atleast 1/5 times i start up the game. It’s not serious because “you can just restart the game and viola” but still, the fact is, its annoying and its still there.

    The servers still don’t like to show up. Having to turn the whole game off then reload the whole thing from scratch 2 maybe 3 times to get servers to show is just ridiculous. Even with the entire server browser completely fixed, the core problems are still there.

    The servers hardly ever show their true player count. I can look over servers and see there all FULL. When i find one thats 23/24 and join, theres only 3-4 players in there. This is incredibily annoying because you never know when your entering a game thats worth playing (i like big battles, not 2 v 2)

    The achievements are bugged. I’m missing half my achievements and the patch never fixed it. I got my veteran helmets achievements after patch, but thats it.

    The weapon unlocks are still bugged and its ridiculous. Why in the world am i destined to not unlock certain weapons? Players have been complaining literally since the game came out that there weapons wont unlock.

    Weapon unlocks are a big part of the game, they give you achievements, new helmets, ect and they are ofcoarse NEW WEAPONS.

    You miss out on quite a bit if you can’t unlock weapons, and now a hotfix and a major patch have been released both saying its fixed, and its not. I think the whole unlocking weapons thing has to go. It doesn’t encourage skill or team-work, just “spam hoping for kills so i can unlock X weapon”

    sorry but seriously, some of these things are getting ridiculous. Serious bugs since release and a hotfix + a patch hasn’t fixed anything.

  • Just take out your frustration on the bots I’m not having any issues with my game. 8-)

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