Kill Them All: League team profile: Medieval Mayhem

  • Team Name: Medieval Mayhem

    Your Name/ Rank:
    ||MM|| Prince Vendetta/ current leader and manager of MM

    When was your team formed?
    We were formed in 2010

    How did your team begin?
    We began when ||MM|| dirtyjob was its original founder and leader, but he retired from the clan due to various reasons recently, and new leadership is taken.

    How long has your team been playing Age of Chivalry?
    We’ve been playing Age of Chivalry for close to 2 years now.

    Does your team have it’s own server?
    Yes we do. “|| Medieval Mayhem || 24x7 Battleground - Hardcore”


    How many members do you have?
    We have roughly 20 members overall

    What is the age range of your team members?
    There is no real age to join, we have one mature 13-14 year old guy, and the majority of us are over 18.

    Who are the leaders of your team?
    Myself, Stabby, Steve, and sjoorm

    Do you have any team ranks?
    Yes we do. There’s the new members, to senior member, to Leader.

    Do you have captains/officers?
    Yes. Steve, and sjoorm.

    Does your team stand for anything?
    Yes, we are a team of honesty and trust. No one is claimed to be higher than anyone in the clan.

    How would you best describe your team?
    We are dedicated, and care about our community.

    What do you think about the Age of Chivalry league?
    It’s a good start to a new thing. I hope it will work and stand out.

    Is there anything your team is looking forward to the most this season?
    Being active on the new league if it becomes successful.

    What is your teams best map?

    What would you say is your teams biggest strength?
    We are truthful, mature, and friendly to each other.

    Which team do you think is your biggest competition and why?
    Vq. Because they are the oldest and the best clan in the game currently

    Are you recruiting?
    Yes. However, our recruiting process is very strict and there are multiple process to accepting new members.

    What kind of players does your team look for?
    Mature members, members who I can trust to get things done when needed

    Does your team plan to play competitively in Chivalry: Medieval Warefare?
    Yes, if it goes well and things are actively interesting.

    What are you looking forward to the most in Chivalry: Medieval Warfare?
    Getting more players, and populate the game more.

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