Lag? Bots? Patch?

  • It is November 25, Sunday @ 7:00pm PST.
    Today I find all server to be a bit laggy despite my ping from 50-150.
    I find my guy kinda rubber-banding around, moving left then suddenly teleport 5 feet in the direction I’m moving. I hope you can interpret I’m trying to say.

    Curious as I was, I decided to “Create Game” add bots.
    Everything went smooth and fine.

    Though as I was playing with bots I discover some of the archer was shooting flaming arrow?

    Is this something for future patch?

    Also the man at arm seem to have GORE at the hip?
    Future patch for Cutting people in half?

  • The bots do all sorts of crazy stuff when your not looking. 8-)

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