Kill Them All: League team profile: KILA

  • Team Name: Killers In Lethal Alliance

    Your Name/ Rank:
    Captain America / Leader

    When was your team formed?
    I joined in 2009 and since this clan has been ressurected.

    How did your team begin?
    It was created originally for CSS 07-08 and eventually became part of AOC community.

    How long has your team been playing Age of Chivalry?
    Since 2008

    Does your team have it’s own server?
    Yes :D |KiLa| Thunder Dome |Custom Maps|


    How many members do you have?

    What is the age range of your team members?
    17-27 I believe.

    Who are the leaders of your team?
    Retsnom and Captain America.

    Do you have any team ranks?

    Do you have captains/officers?

    Who are they?
    Arry, Talon, Satan Himself, Surfaced

    Does your team stand for anything?
    We stand for unity and courage for we will overthrow the evil doers! :D For Freedom!

    How would you best describe your team?
    A group of dedicated Mature players lookin for a challenge :)

    What do you think about the Age of Chivalry league?
    I think its a great opportunity to get the game revived a bit and hopefully we can get people interested in playing once again.

    Is there anything your team is looking forward to the most this season?
    Playing in this league.

    What is your teams best map?
    I’d say probably monastery.

    What would you say is your teams biggest strength?
    I think we have some great talent and knowledge of the game.

    Which team do you think is your biggest competition and why?
    Vanquish, because of their “Team” effort for objectives.

    Are you recruiting?

    What kind of players does your team look for?
    Mainly mature people that are usually over 18 because we give all our members admin on our server. Which means they need to be responsible and respectful towards new players and other clans.

    Does your team plan to play competitively in Chivalry: Medieval Warfare?
    Yes when it comes out…

    What are you looking forward to the most in Chivalry: Medieval Warfare?
    I want to see how they may have changed the combat system… If anything I want to see what the new community will be like and how populated the servers will be :D

    League Team Profiles
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  • YO, Charnel is back!!! I was on killa in AOC. I might have been last American.

  • outdated information is outdated.

  • UPDATED INFO 2/9/13

    |???|Killers in Lethal Alliance

    |???| is one of the premier American clans for Chivalry: Medieval Warfare, one of the oldest, one of the most hated, loved, feared, censored and respected clans in Age of Chivalry (AOC - Since 2007), one of the oldest, one of the most hated, loved, feared, censored and respected clans in AOC that just beat the snot out of everyone. We even managed to get much of the original game nerfed because of the skills and tactics we employed, quite frankly, we were that good. Our irreverence over the mic and aggressive game play made us legends.

    |???| also has a history of running one of the most popular, take no BS adult servers in AOC and we are bringing it to Chivalry: Medieval Warfare. While our clan has gone through several incarnations over the years, it now has finally come back together again to kick the snot out of anyone that stands in our way in either AOC or CHIV. Join Us or DIE!

    Do you think you got what it takes? Come play with us and fill out an application on our Clan website. Like us on Facebook or check out our Steam Page!

    • The Coolest Tag ever and the Bastard, Red Headed Step Child of AOC.
    • AMERKA F YEAH! Here we come to save the muthr FN day, YEAH!
    • Now with Canadians!
    • 27+ active members - 74 total members and recruits.
    • Facebook: … 2096306642
    • WebSite:
    • Steam:
    • No |???| Alpha tester advantages
    • We run an adult server, no straight edge here but the polar opposite.
    • We prefer members to be 21 or older no one under 18 (with a few exceptions) as every member gets basic admin.
    • We are looking to recruit the top players to beat our arch rivals VQ and anyone else that gets in our way so we will grind them into the ground. We need fresh meat for the grinder
    • Chivalry: Medieval Warfare Servers
      |KiLa| ThunderDome |Chicago|
      |KiLa| ThunderDome 2|Chicago|
      |KiLa| ThunderDome Duel |Kansas City|
    • Team Speak 3 VOIP Server
    • AOC Server R.I.P.: Is no longer hosted……
      |KiLa| ThunderDome w/Custom Maps

    AOC is dead, long live AOC

    Capt America is no longer in Kila.

  • Thanx for sharing this post. :D

  • @Martin555:

    Thanx for sharing this post. :D

    Actually just updated our info.
    We have added another clan server for a total of 3 and added a new TeamSpeak3 server.
    Come join the fun!

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