• I’m sure this has probably already been considered by the devs, but I haven’t heard the verdict/rationale. One of the most annoying experiences in Age of Chivalry was to slay enemy after enemy only to be left with some meager bit of hp and basically forced to kill yourself in order to respawn with full hp.

    I understand the balance implications with introducing healing to the game, but I feel like it wouldn’t be asking for too much to allow players to kneel down and “rest” to recover some bit of health over time. Even the ability to rest only in your base/spawn would be better than just having to suicide and respawn imo.

    Has this been beaten to death already?

  • Played aoc lately?

  • @gB:

    Played aoc lately?

    No but just hearing that gives me hope :D

    I played years ago.

  • Ok, in AoC when you were out of combat (havent attacked, jumped,sprinted for a sec) you start slowly regaining health…

    If you do something that consumes stamina(a combat action) it stops till you stop for a sec again.

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