My Ideas (modes and non-mode suggestions)

  • Suggestions
    1. Death Cam: I’d like to see how I was killed. Could be useful to spot tkers as well. Could be a option for those doing the killing as well but maybe as a saved replay that can be in a “Highlight” folder or something.

    2. Block while dodging. I don’t think you can and I believe my block gets disabled after a dodge (perhaps it’s a glitch). I don’t mind repercussion such as the hit stun from blocking a running atk. Upon getting better at this game, I think was a bad idea and isn’t up for discussion at this point on this thread.

    3. Less stamina spent on feinting. I feint ALL THE TIME. It’s a shame it’s not really as resourceful as fading sideways and spamming or going for a jumping overhead. Considering the pace of the game it doesn’t seem very useful for anyone but 2/h.

    4. Faster stamina regen for Man of Arms class (unless it already is faster than other classes). Considering they have the most options for stamina expenditure, you would think they would have trained in stamina regeneration. I’m not even asking for a bigger stamina bar (could be useful). I do think it should remain that being out of stamina = death. I just think Man of Arms given how they play could use a little more. OR. Max stamina is affected by the weight of your gear. Less weight = more stamina or stam regen

    5. Expended throwing wpns can be picked back up. … yeah. I would go as far as omitting the ammo boxes forcing archers to pit up spent arrows. this could be a server option.

    6 (optional and pretty funny) Lodged ammunition can be dislodged by those that have the ammo in their load out. Can do minor dmg to the ailing player.

    7. Lessen the rotation range for ALL weapon while attacking. It’s simple logic even if its countered by mouse-look options. I can make an overhead attack like a swing and make a near 360 swing with full dmg capabilities. Slow 2/hands gain a large advantage in attacking enemies that are to the side or behind them. You start you swing and track your mouse in that direction for an easy reprisal or a defensive strike of sorts. Faster weapons have a smaller window to execute these type of attacks making them more or less exclusive to 2/handers. I am suggesting limiting the rotation of the mouse via mouse look while the attack is beyond windup. That way, you still have to time you attacks and no one is capable of doing 360 link slash attacks.

    8. Omit “Rogue” skill for archers, and make all attacks from behind x150% dmg. I haven’t thought of a replacement for archers. Maybe something to do with positioning or stam loss.

    9. (optional) How about if you are using a 2/h axe or maul, you Headbutt instead of kick?

    Suggestion Weapons
    1.Scythe. 1/h sickles, and bow staffs. IDK if that last is a medieval weapon.

    2. New Knuckles subtype: 1. Katar/Shielded Gloves/Spiked Gauntlet.
    What I suggest is that these weapons play upon the already included fists attack. The katars would be forked dagger gloves like . Katars have excellent pierce attack, decent overhead atk, and poor slash atk. Katars can parry. This weapon attacks the fastest of the 3, has the 2nd best recovery and range (best stabbing range), and is overall the weakest of the 3 dmg wise. This weapon is about overwhelming the opponent or attacks from behind. A running thrust to the back of someone CAN be lethal and great for finishing fleers.

    Shielded gloves are something of this sort

    Yeah… I painted that. It’s supposed to be about to act as small shield when blocking. Both arms come together to make a legitimate facial protector. The edges are sharpened as well. These Knuckles has an excellent slash attack, decent stab, and poor overhead. It should be nothing that this weapon can’t parry, but will act as a shield when engaged as blocking action. This wpn has the most range of the 3, has the worst attack speed and recovery, and has very good attacking power. This weapon is about spacing and well timed attacks. The 3rd attack in this weapons combo is a double handed slash (movement like the sonicboom from Guile of SF). It does major dmg and will always decapitate if it connects in the Head region. This weapon is great for clusters and group support.

    3. The Spiked Gauntlet is a combination of
    for the wrists and
    for the fist portion.

    These are the blunt version of the 3. It boasts comparable attack rate as the katar, comparable dmg with the shielded gloves, the least range, and the best recovery. Basically slap some cool gauntlets on our bare hands and there you go. The “block” parries. This weapon excels at the overhead attack, has a very good pierce (jab), and it’s slash atk (hook) leaves a lot to be desired. A jumping overhead that headshots is fatal (Ong-bak style). The purpose of this weapon is to either be a one-shot killer, overwhelm, and allow for fists attacks to remain awesome.

    These weapons are for whomever chooses to use em. I was thinking the Man of Arms for it’s dodged capabilities, but Vanguard would be a pretty cool juggernaut.


    1. Slaughter Mode: Basically TDM but you are not dead unless you are decapped. Catch: You can’t be decapped unless your hp is at 40% or below. The catch is, you take dmg by being dismembered. Each limb (both arms, legs, and head) intact count as 100% hp. You lose a limb, you are life is cut much shorter. Dismemberment shaves off the hp cap until you are killed. 3 lost limbs put you in danger of being decapped (each limb is 20% hp). Limb strikes dismember on contact. Lost arms slow or stop all attacks depended if you lose one or both. Being 1-legged slows your movement while being legless halts all movement (maybe you can turn?). Torso attacks can drain stamina, but otherwise do nothing. If you land a HS on someone that isn’t at 40% > X hp, you stun them for a second or 2, giving you enough time to start maiming. The point of this mode is obviously for some limb cutting madness along with focusing people to start aiming better. With 3 limbs gone you can lay waste to the remaining husk. If everything but the head is gone, it’s easy pickins. If for some reason no one decides to kill your limbless body, you can elect to “die” after maybe 30 secs. I’ll go ahead and throw in the possibility of “regaining your body” if you managed to kill someone else while missing some limbs.

    2. Medieval Code: Just thought of this one, so definitely consider it a work in progress. It’s a team game but everyone is dressed as one side (Agatha or Mason). You get points for killing the right people. It can be last man standing or regular Team death match. Classes selection is always random. You can play in these sort or ways:

    1. Identify yourself: Use the Taunt to gather attention
    2. Killing everything. You risk killing your teammates and identifying yourself via the Kill tab.
    3. Some sort of other agreed upon code (meet me over there)

    Again, voice chat can disrupt it. I believe Assassins Creed has something like this. There can be other objectives to flush people out such as kill a peasant/goon.

    1. Cart of War: Basically Tug or war with the cart. First team (or best out #) to push the cart to the enemy line wins.

  • @tlbww:

    1. Death Replay: I’d like to see how I was killed. Could be useful to spot tkers as well. Could be a option for those doing the killing as well but maybe as a saved replay that can be in a “Highlight” folder or something.

    I really like this idea as it would make waiting for the respawn more worthwhile. But as another UE3 game (Tribes Ascend) has struggled with replays for months, stating that it’s not possible with the engine, I’m not sure if we will see it.

  • @tlbww:

    My Idears

    Some good idears you have there, I like the replay feature and less stamina for feinting the most. I don’t see how a feint should cost as much as a full on swing. Unbelievable.

  • I hope a few of these reach the devs. I don’t know how the rest of the community feels about my idears. I really like the knuckles weapon category :3

  • I wanted to keep my ideas bound to a single thread.

    I had the idea of a heavy armor or medium armored axe thrower. Can’t use shields or maces. Can wield the throwing axe or knives and gets 10 axes and 20 knives. Maybe introduce a throwing hammer or stone as the 3rd option. If the throwing wpns replace the primary slot, the tertiary slot allows them to use the firepot and smoke bomb… Usable 2ndaries are the 1/h axe or the sword.

    2nd class was the Saboteur. They set traps. I’m completely unfamiliar with yore time traps. 1 trap can be a single target nukes. 1 could be a simple bear trap. Does dmg and roots someone for a few seconds. Can be picked up by original user. Another can be a spike trap (i.e. nails in the ground). Inflicts a DoT and snares. Can be triggered multiple times but can’t be reset. Degrades over time. The traps are the secondary slot. The saboteur can uses the sword or club. They can’t use shields but get access to throwing wpns.

  • I say yes to replay.

    Pretty much no to everything else except picking ammo back up on corpses.

  • Replays would be good. Surely there must be some way of using/adapting the standard UE “demorec” demo recorder?

  • I believe death cam is pretty much unanimously accepted by the community. It would be very useful as I’m usually guessing how I died. I’d like to study my mistakes and improve, especially in terms of spacing with MAA or using any 2/hander

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