Kills not recording

  • I am trying to progress through different trees. I’ve been logging on, playing, and noticing the kills are not recording. I have been successfull in having them record once I quit completely out of the game and restart, but this has even stopped working. Has this been an issue with others? If so, what is the remedy? While piling up the kills, I am unable to progress.

  • I’m assuming you mean for kills being counted for the next weapon? Ive experienced my kills not recording, but it hasn’t happened in awhile.

    If you get kills that count towards ur weapon, u have to wait until the round is over for them to officially count I THINK.

  • I encountered this also for the 3rd weapon of the vanguard.
    Didnt happen before the patch and every kill was counted right after the kill in the past!
    So even after the patch I then connected to another server and there it worked as it should.
    Maybe it is server related or weapon related?

  • Try playing on official servers and waiting until the next round starts before exiting the game cleanly (through exit game instead of like Alt-F4’ing).

  • From what I’ve experienced you need 5 people playing on the server for kills to count.

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