New Map/Environment/Objective: God of the Arena

  • ideal for 16(or 32-64-128 etc) players, but if there isnt 16 players, its fine only if the player number is even, if its odd replaced with 1 bot.

    First Phase:

    16 players are randomly matched as 8 couples and duel in 8 different rounded cell at same time.
    we get 8 winner 8 loser, 8 winners are called tier 9 and that 8 losers are called tier 1.

    after 1st phase we get 8 x ( tier 1, tier 9)

    2nd Phase:
    tier 9 guyz match up randomly as 4 couple and fight we get 4 winner whom are called tier 13 and 4 loser who are still called tier 9
    while at the same time tier 1 guyz fight and get 4 winner called tier 5 and 4 loser who remained as tier 1.

    after 2nd phase we get 4 x ( tier1,tier5,tier9,tier13 )

    3rd Phase same things happen we get 2 x ( tier 1, tier3, tier5, tier7, tier9, tier11, tier 13, tier 15)

    and finally 4th phase we get 16 players from all tiers, and tier 16 is the god of the arena.

    also you can call this 4 phase 1 round and give points to the players equal to thier tiers, when map ends lets say 30 min the one with highest score wins.

    btw duels has time limit if it passes highest hp guy wins.

  • I was about to say that people would dont like it because of waiting, but i see you added at the end a time limit for duels, so i kinda like the idea, but it would have to be a sort time for duels, something like 1 min for each or something like that.

    I like this tournament-like gamemode

  • Your idea is exactly what I was thinking!

    I love duelling in Chivalry & I can think of no better way to incorporate duels into the game.

    I can imagine the waiting could be an issue & I think 1 minute is a little bit too short for a duel (even though they almost never last for 1 minute). I think 2 minutes would be just fine.

    But instead of putting the losers into spectator mode, why not just spawn them “outside” of the arena’s where the duels are happening? Why not let them slaughter each other in the meantime? This way there can be a “sparring zone” where players can go to for some fighting inbetween. Or you can just run around between the arenas to watch the tournament (yet you can only attack people as a spectator in the sparring zone).

    What do you think?

  • sure; died ones could have 2 options;
    1st) either watch the matches in free cam. well tbh I really like to watch duels in this game they look like very realistic and I definitely enjoy watching them, so I dont think watching duels would be a problem while being death, cos you will watch your next opponents playstyle how does he play, how does he feint, does he use duck and space etc, think in that way, remember although this game is fps its realy strategic.

    2nd) they could spawn in a larger cell and play ffa/duel style till other duels end, adding this option gives us a larger duel time limit.

  • This sounds like an awesome idea! Also, players that lose their 1st battles should be thrown in a pit underground and earn their way back to the arena - fist fight anyone? :D

    I like the tier system idea too, the thing is, as stated, to not make players wait idly because it would be too boring and frustrating.

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