A shield is always a shield(adjusting the role of shields)

  • melee fighters depended heavily on the shield, and i find it strange that in aoc, it had been reduced to a sort of secondary if not tertiary equipment, instead of being a more significant part of fighting. i mean it’s hard as hell to block with especially when fighting slash spammers.

    i think it should block ant strikes of missiles that happen to land on the shield and not the player. this would especially be beneficial to users of large shields. however, the benefit of bracing or using the shield could be increased resistance, meaning faster recovery time, and the player using the shield can control where the shield faces. and about the crazy stamina drain, i wish that would just go away, especially in regards to shield use. instead stamina should drain when the enemy lands a successful blow on the shield so the player’s can’t just sit there like a turtle.

  • I think shields in the last aoch version are very much rewarding if you use em the right way…

    Shielded classes are cake, I would say.

  • Cake you say? They are not even that, they are more like pie; the slower, fatter mans meal.

    If you can’t use a shield successfully in aoc then you are doing something wrong, like using a mouse made out of spikes.

  • @PsychoAlex:

    using a mouse made out of spikes.

    That sounds challenging :D

  • It is indeed, tried it once. Couldn’t jack off for a week… lol

  • :lol: :lol:

  • I’d be happy if the shield detection was just fixed. There are still issues with attacks being able to go “around” the shield when they shouldn’t in CR2

  • because it has a 180 degree “wall” infront of it, if you’re looking to much to the side/up/down, then yes, it will go around your shield

  • Would be sweet if you could do more moves with the shield like in a real fight where you use the shield as much as you use your sword and not just letting it sit there on your arm pressing a button to bring it up…
    I’m talking tackling people with the shield up, pushing, bashing people with the shield or using the shields edge to break someones face.
    It should be more like a secondary weapon with attacks and parries you can sorta weave into your normal attacks, but with more focus on defense and parries than offense, of course.
    Would also be nice if it had a chance to break when under lots of stress…

  • I also would truly love to see breakable shields.

  • you could make it more realistic by being able to stab under your shield while it is in front of you you press left click and stab under your shield it would help against heavy knights aswell

  • And how would that be realistic?
    You’d still have to lift your shield higher, which would consume stamina, and leave your lower body vulnerable.
    I don’t see the need for it, rather just have a proper shield bash.

  • Developer

    Shields will be different in function in the new game, not sure we’re ready to reveal the system totally just yet, but it will be much more skill-based than in source to use a shield successfully in melee, while against ranged it will require others to be skill based to defeat you, so a bit of a trade-off there I suppose.

  • What about the shield being a physical object in the game, what I mean is that it would block even in idle state, is this possible? Is it too much? Would it unbalance the game?

  • I’d very much like it to block direct hits to it when it’s idle.

  • Indeed using the hitbox of the shield to block in idle would be very cool.

  • i think it should have a chance of flinging your shield off in the direction you hit it then. because if your holding something and not focusing your grip loosens and well if someone comes by with a big ass halberd and just stabs your shield it will either A) hit your body causing a slight amount of damage to get you to wake up or B) if hit in the right angle it will make it fly off in the distance and the whatever class it is has to run off and pick it up. and get back in the action. that would be fucking awesome to do in the game

  • So a random arrow hits your shield…and the shield will be hurled away…? :shock:

  • @TheRed:

    So a random arrow hits your shield…and the shield will be hurled away…? :shock:

    an arrow no but a javelin and MAYBE a cross bow for sure. use your head fool :evil: <3

  • That would still be extremely gay, gotta think of gameplay as well as realism. And imo, gameplay trumps realism.

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