Death of the archer

  • Archer became zero, the arc fight is worth nothing must 2h to load all classes are catching up to the race, the viewfinder became totally inaccurate compared to the former, he was massacred by updating compared to players who complained that the archer was too powerful to be not even kick defense with the bow while he pressed even vital for a fight because the archer this is usually done by one shot all classes should be reviewed archer in all these circontances because you are about to kill a game that is already a lot of great players do not want to play in relation to the recently updated

  • The real thing revolting me here is the lack of punctuation.

    Also, total nonsense.

  • I’m not sure at all about what you said, but if you think the archer got nerfed, all i can say is that i play usually archer and i think its pretty much ok as it is, they made it more realistic, and in some cases even more badass.

    The warbow rocks, and can 1 hit kill in the head the first 3 classes (with the proper bow)

    So i dont see why you are complaining, if thats what you are doing, im not sure at all.

    Can you explain yourself better pls?

  • I really wish people would stop complaining about things that are completely fine as they are. It’s like the problem can never lie on themselves.

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