Ability to turn your head/"freelook"

  • Im sure many of you who play in 1st person mode have a decent share of kills happen in the off-screen because your swing covers more ground than you can see (in the ~90 FoV settings or so that dont distort the view too much). Adjusting your sideswings to left and right after windup animation can increase or decrease the time between windup and hitting your opponent - an advanced play which i think currently benefits 3rd person camera users more.

    I think there is a solution, and its independent head turning. Kinda like “freelook” feature in arma series where you hold down (by default) alt key at this enables for you to look around without changing the direction of your torso. But there is a problem, it requires the use of mouse cursor so you couldnt adjust your aim while doing that.

    But what about pre-set head turns of lets say 60 or so degrees (adjustable in options?) to left and right that would be bindable to keys (imagine using Q and E for it). This would allow to track your opponent better at attempting before mentioned technique while also allowing you to better see your surroundings. Imagine being locked in a spar with an opponent, you have your shield protecting your from blows but suddenly you hear footsteps comming in from your right, you press E to look if its a friend or foe without compromising your defence which would happen if you turned with whole torso and exposed your left side.

    It wouldnt be hard to implement either… i think.

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