Favourite two-hand for vanguard and knight?

  • I’m having a hard time choosing which weapon to get really good with.

    I usually play as knight with some 2h weapon, broadsword and shield. The thing is I’m switching back and forth between the swords, maces and axes and can’t really pin down which weapon I should use.

    What is your favourite 2h weapon, and why?

  • Halberd for Vanguard…. it’s good for stabby stabby :fight:

  • Everybody has their favorite two handed. You can’t go by other people, there’s a reason several weapons exist, some people are born to wield the sword, some are better with the Maul, some with the spear and so on.

  • For the vanguard the spear because of the reach, for the knight the poleaxe because… I like poleaxes.

  • claymore

  • Of all three types of the vanguard, my favourites are Zweihander, Spear and Halbert
    Of the Knight, I enjoy the messer alot.

  • Maul! The unrelenting force of a maul is my favorite way to obliterate my enemies!

  • Definitely the Sword of War for Knight, and either Great Sword or Brandistock for Vanguard.

  • For me it’s the Zweihander, although I played Claymore a lot the extra reach on the Zweihander is crucial and having such low swing speeds isn’t such a handicap if you know when to poke and when to parry.

  • I Like Both the Double-Headed axe and the Bearded axe. The Double Headed axe is stronger but sometimes the shorter reach can get frustrating, so in those cases I go with the Bearded axe. I would have to say though that the best one of the axes is the Poleaxe because of its versatility.

    However i favor either the double headed axe or the Bearded axe because they seem very Viking-like. After Reading Njal’s Saga (an old Icelandic saga that tells of some of the first settlers of Iceland) Viking weapons is whats cool for me, which is why i also like the Dane axe and the Norse sword.

  • Vanguard: Halberd because its stab out-ranges the spears, it’s overhead is strong enough to 1 hit kill archers and MoA (not to mention slightly weakened vanguards and knights). Finally, if you need to start LMB spamming, the range and shear damage output will have heads piling up around you. It’s definitely the most overpowered weapon right now so if that’s what you want, go for it!

    Knight: Poleaxe!! I love this thing. It’s quick, strong overhead, and it has a nice range on the stab. This is definitely my favorite knight weapon!

  • Bearded Axe is the only weapon with a beard, and thus the manliest.

  • @SlyGoat:

    Bearded Axe is the only weapon with a beard, and thus the manliest.

    Ah but the Grand Mace is the grandest!

  • @Hive:

    Vanguard: Halberd because its stab out-ranges the spears, it’s overhead is strong enough to 1 hit kill archers and MoA

    Just on the side, the Zwei-Hander is capable of this, the Halberd wont 1 hit K/O Archers and M.A.A however, the Halberd is probably one of the better weapons for the Vanguard.

    Hey mate, I know this is not what you are after exactly, but could be useful for your Vanguard.

    Post-Patch Vanguard & Tips - Yarnu the Dog


  • For the Knight, I love the Maul. Nothing like overhead strikes to the back of peoples skulls.

    For the Vanguard, I go back and forth between the Halberd and Brandistock. Good stand off weapons for keeping people at bay.

  • I love the zweihander. Halberd is cheesy-powerful, too.

  • Knight:
    Messer is my favorite, followed closely by Grand Mace

    Zweihander followed a bit more distantly by Halberd

    Not that big a fan of the polearms, spears, or axes.

  • For knight i like poleaxe most because it is pretty fast and has long range.

    For vanguard i like bardiche most. I only just unlocked the halberd though, i might like that more if i play with it some more.

  • For Vanguard, I like the spear and brandistock the most. And Halberd is an old favorite I will still use from time to time.

  • Greatsword + Claymore, Longsword for Knights. I like swords.

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