Directional and Positional Audio

  • I don’t know if it has been discussed it yet but directional and positional voice audio has become more and more popular in combat games. The last fps game I played was ever loved for many of its features but being able to over hear your enemies making plans and shouting an insane war cry was one of my favorites. Is this already a thing or will udk allow it?

    I know AoC had in-game chat but it was a global thing that’s not really what I’m thinking.

  • Excuse me but, doesn’t just about every game already do this? IMHO directional sound is standard.

  • Not very many actually. A lot of games have in-game chat but not directional or positional.

  • You’re talking positional audio over the VOIP. AS far as I am aware (And I’m not that aware at all, really), not very many games actually have that. Personally, I would prefer it if people kept team chat as team chat, and didn’t have alltalk on as much.

    As for positional audio, I can see both the “have it” and the “Keep it away” arguments…


    • More amazing immersion
    • allowing you to coordinate with your team if they are within earshot
    • more realistic feel
    • Prevents a more “chatroom” type feel to the voice chat
    • Prevents insult wars from going too long


    • Teams can’t organize themselves nearly as well.
    • Many people wouldn’t understand that VOIP is positional
    • People would listen even less
    • New players couldn’t be helped through voice nearly as well, as they would die too often to stick around the people helping them

  • I think ultimately in a public environment where you just want to play, have fun, talk with friends etc, it can seem a bit limiting in that regard. When it comes to competitive environments, i.e clan vs clan, why not just bypass it and use third party software such as Teamspeak or Skype?

  • Great points! I can see now how it would be a bother. Thanks guys!

  • I would vote for positional audio… it is just so awesome in any first person game…like minecraft !

    I think there is two possibilities:

    Current voip system would have 4 options

    • Team voip channel
    • Both teams voip channel (so called alltalk)
    • Team positional voip
    • All positional voip (realistic like in movies)

    I just would love to see anyone dying in middle of the sentence and thus making him auto muted instantly… Think about someone shouting orders and battlecries on microphone while someone chops his head off while he is talking! … Would be so F**KING awesome :p

    But there should be also be votemute command and with lowered default “pass” setting like 30% instead of 55%, personal muting is not good enough in most situations because many players are just lazy to find the voip spamming man on scoreboard.

    Another possibility is to add mumble plugin like it is already in Age of Chivalry
    Thus making it possible to set up positional audio system for basically just for friends only… so it is much more limited but awesome anyway… Because that way you don’t need to tell where you are… you hear where the friend is going…

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