Agatha vs Mason, global map

  • it would be a good idea if the Agatha vs Templar theme of multiplayer was developed more, It would be a good idea if there was a global map and victories in multiplayer affected it, maybe in a similar way to clan wars in world of tanks

  • Need a lot more game maps to be able to pull that off… neat idea though :)

  • I vote no on this because the multiple battles in the same place already ruin “perfect suspension of disbelief”, and at this point it would be better to steer clear away from the imperfections to avoid making it less perfect. I think it’s fine as is!

  • Hmm… It should not involve the WHOLE multiplayer community, but maybe a few maps that are connected to the same global map that maybe 5 smaller servers could participate in. It could be a whole new game mode. Good idea though.

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