3 different thing, but archer limit most important

  • i dont normally post on forums and my english is bad so be nice to me okay :-)

    were should i start,
    okay the main problem i have right now is
    TO is the most fun gameplay i think but i hate being the attacking team because every time i look (i play on servers with 64 players) like 12 or 15 people on my team is archers, i just wonder how we are supposed to press forward like that its almost impossabel i really love this game got it for only 5 days ago and im already lvl 20, but this kinda pisses me of because its destroys TO completly for the attacking team. its so easy to fix you guys just need to make a limit on how many people can be archers (maby compared to how many melee untis is in the game)… not everygame ofc but stil alot of the games i play end up with to many achers on the attacking team and we loss at first objective, not jsut loss we normaly get raped…

    other minor problem
    this is just frustrating when i look at weapon stats i need to press weapon and then detail instead of just pressing detail once i have to do it again and again and if my mouse cross another weapon on the way to the detail buttom, then i have to go select the weapon again and then go for detail again its jsut stupid that you need to press detail every time…

    third thing :-)
    i have a suggestion for a map, make a caravan-map and make the defending team spawn really close to it and the attacking team spawn on both sides of the caravan rute and make it so they also spawn close to the caravan no matter how long it get on its rute, so the attacking team has a spawn all the way through the map… if i didnt explain it well enough tell me and i will be back :-) trying to better

    personly i hate when the bombcart is on the other end of the map and i need to run for like 30 seconds every time i spawn to get there…

    oh yea i almost forgot joining through steam friend list have some bugs :( for me and my friend anyway

    hope you developers see this post and maybe will look at the archer thing ^^
    last words thanks a lot for bring such a good great and awesome game with heads rolling down the hills :D

  • @baurkensie:

    personly i hate when the bombcart is on the other end of the map and i need to run for like 30 seconds every time i spawn to get there…

    You’re suppose to spawn far away. Do you think it would a challenge for the attacking team if they just spawned AT the bombcart? Absolutely not. And defenders cannot put the bombcart into reverse, so it’s already an advantage for the attackers.

  • 1. You know, they paid for the game like you did, you prefer a melee class? Good, they don’t. Im against limit of any kind, for example you like playing as vanguard but the limit of vanguards is full and you can only go archer, would you play a class you don’t like/hate just to have a chance of winning? I don’t think so.

    3.As Matti said It wouldn’t be a challenge. And the maps aint that big to get bored running from point A to point B.

  • There will be a server-side option to limit max number of players per class. It won’t be on by default, meaning never on official servers. But server operators will be able to limit archers or disable them completely, as well as any other class, if they so choose.

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