Votekick system needs adjusting

  • The way votekicking at the moment works is quick and simple to use, and while that may sound like a good thing, it actually causes more harm than good. Right now it only takes a single button press to vote so people will usually just choose yes without a second thought. This leads to many people being booted from a server just for doing well by one person being mad they got killed or whatever starting a vote, and everyone else just idly pressing yes.
    One way that could fix the issue would be to make it so it announces that one person is trying to start a votekick, and that more people need to start one using the menu before the option for everyone to vote actually shows up. This stops people from just starting a vote on their own after one incident, while still making it possible to remove people from the server who are continuously teamkilling or griefing in some way.

  • I don’t think anyone is ‘idly’ pressing yes. The placement of the actual keys that are binded require effort to move one of your hands across the keyboard and press either the “Insert” or “Delete” button. It would be much simpler to press Delete if you think about it… The main reason people get kicked is probably for the fun of it. Some people are deeply aroused at the feeling that they have participated in the booting of someone from a server. It’s more like a fetish.

  • all I want to say about this is, I joined a server that I normally play a duel server, 2 clanmates were there fighting teaching eachother, so when I joined they votekicked me out of server…

  • An adjustment I really would like to see is actually the option to give up a reason because most kick votes seem out of the blue without anyone actually giving up a reason. A second thing that could be changed is the time, 1 minute would give more time to talk which is often much needed.

  • I definitely agree that there has to be some change. Since recently there are so many votes, distracting from playing and just annonying. Two guys trying to vote each other out for many times, totally useless in my opinion. I don’t know how to change it, but currently there are too many votes!

  • I can vouch for the fact that the vote kick needs fixing. Only the team that the player is on should be able to vote against that player. I’m tired of being kicked for playing well.

  • +1 there needs to be more done with this way too easy to be kicked

  • Yeah, I get kicked all the time because I’m the best ever!!! I win even though my screen minimizes every minute or so.

  • Less and less people idly push yes now as there is the team damage and idle time showing.

    In the NZ and AUS community people idly pushed no. It means less trolls but more team killers staying in.

    The OP is right about it being too easy. When It was a console command it was way better. As almost all votekicks were legit.

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