Whole lot of bugs [specially stuck on loading screen]

  • I bought the game on the autumn sale and unfortunately it is the worst thing I’ve bought all year. I was able to try it a couple of times and it was a nice game, but the technical aspect of it is so bad I can’t even comprehend how you guys released it.

    -1/5 of the times I’ve tried to start the game, it crashes.
    -Some times the game doesn’t show the servers list
    -Player count on the server list doesn’t show the proper number of people playing
    -When I can get past all those other problems (this is one is the biggest problem) it just won’t connect to any servers. It keeps infinitely loading and nothing happens at all.

    I’ve read some threads but no answers solved my problems, so I thought I would yet create another one just to get the devs attention. The game is great, but it is extremely frustrating that I’ve bought something that doesn’t work 95% of the time.

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