Something to chase after?

  • I personally love to feel like I’m building towards some reward when I play competitive online games; it’s what keeps me coming back. Right now my quest to acquire all the weapons fills that desire, but that won’t last forever. I would love to see them take the halo route and allow us to unlock character customization options as we accumulate points. ( of course then they would have to add a better scoring system, but…)
    I know adding a lot of customization options would be hard on the dev team, but I’m sure the community would step up and model some armor and weapon variants if the request was put out.

  • For me, the pure purpose of chivalry is getting better at the game! And mashing in heads :D

    But i agree, for a lot of people unlocks are a nice thing to keep working towards - there’s a content patch coming up and the new weapons (and perhaps armour?) will likely be unlockable by kills. Perhaps a more in depth ranking system would be nice for people as well

  • Play homerun derby… grand maces + sideways headshots. See who can get the most! 8-)

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