Server Browser Reporting Wrong # of Players

  • Ever since the latest patch I’m getting the wrong number of players reported in my server browser. It’ll 22/24 or whatever combination of numbers. When I join it may be empty or only have about 4 players in the server. This has made it rather hard to find servers since if it’s reporting player number incorrectly I’m obviously not seeing the proper servers in my list.

  • I’ve had similar problems, though I can’t be sure if it’s a bug or simply how the server system works
    Could be that server information doesn’t update on a constant basis

  • It’s a known bug at the moment.

  • It seems to be the server info is super slow at updating. At our Lg server, it is about half hour slow. So it is changing, just that the information you see is old and outdated.

    Its a small improvement over the last server browser. I guess its getting there lol :jconf:

  • I haven’t seen this mentioned anywhere in patch notes or upcoming fixes. I guess I can only hope it’ll be fixed soon.

  • The devs are currently working hard on it! When they’ve got it, they will let us know :)

  • I bet all my money on exiting game with ALT+F4 while on a server results in playercount geting f’ed up because the server don’t deduct it as it would with a normal disconnect message. Happened in a old game I used to play lol, if it’s the same here I’ll have a laugh on the devs behalf. It would be a silly designerror :D

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