Abusive votekicks

  • Today I got votekicked three times in a row without any specific reasons. First time I killed one person several times on FFA, he wrote “Cheater! Cheater!” called a vote and I got kicked. Second time the same, I had 19:1 or something people thought it would be better to get rid of me and callvoted me out. Third time someone attacked me in spawn, I defended myself and he votekicked me.
    People tend to always vote yes when it comes to votekicks. And it’s fucking annoying, especially when it’s already hard to find a server that isn’t full or doesn’t lag as shit.
    I’m sure I’m not the only one…
    It would be better if there was no votes but a system that automatically kicks you when you tk to much.

  • A votekick is needed in case a speed hacker joins a game. If you take away the power, then when good people need it, they will be at the mercy of hackers/exploiters… .

    EDIT: This was my idea FYI:

    it should require 3 people to start a votekick. So if person A types votekick, it is announced to the players that person A started a votekick against person B. in which case people would as why? And if a good reason is given, then person C and person D will also do a votekick against person B to get a server wide vote going.

  • I feel you bro. Im à server owner and u saw the ability to disable votekicks on à server. I think ill enable this to prevent these things from happening

  • the scoreboard should give more details on what ppl do during a match. I’d be way easier to judge if people could clearly see Teamkills, assists, accuracy, idle tag (aplpied after 3mins without action), etc and don’t have to rely on what the chat says / wait for a respond or reason / or even ask.

  • Unless I see for myself someone doing something worthy of being kicked, I always vote no.

  • I put the vote threshold up to 72 on my server to try and combat this problem.

    It needs to take more clicks/presses to vote yes and only 1 press to vote no.

  • There are so many people who initiate a votekick and don’t bother to explain why. I always vote ‘no’ then. I was on a 64 player server earlier and there were about ten votekick requests in the space of five minutes. Again, no explanations but I presume they were TKed. Seriously though, in a server that busy TKs are going to happen; I just wish people used common sense more.

  • I got a vote started against me on my own server earlier from someone who gave no explanation whatsoever, luckily it failed.

  • @Martin:

    I got a vote started against me on my own server earlier from someone who gave no explanation whatsoever, luckily it failed.

    Time to bring out the ban hammer.

  • Seen this attempted a lot. Usually by people who attack friendlies but don’t kill them, when the guy who keeps getting attacked retaliates and gets a teamkill they start a votekick and quite often it sadly goes through. I’ve seen some people harassing others like this over three-four matches before they finally snapped.

  • @Martin:

    I got a vote started against me on my own server earlier from someone who gave no explanation whatsoever, luckily it failed.

    Darn ;)

  • Bumping this since its true. And extremely annoying. I can’t even count how many times ive been votedkicked out of FFA’s for “hacking”.

  • Deeply annoying, when people should vote yes, they don’t. When they shouldn’t, they do.

    The worst is when you have 3 morons teamkilling on purpose at spawn.
    You want to kick them? Well screw you that’s already 1 vote against 3.
    They want to kick you? Same, thing, 3 vs 1, don’t count on the other players to be smart and vote no, because they’re not, they’ll just vote whatever could just remove that little green and red box out of their screen.

  • I think theres a role for server admins to take action against this “annoying” problem.
    It’s true, people just votekick for no reason. I’ve seen it happen on my server where I simply kick out the vote starter simply because he starts a vk without proper reason.
    There is no reason to start votekicks when an admin is present anyway.
    I also highered the percentage needed to votekick someone out to over 72%. This makes it more hard for a votekick starter to gain voters.

  • I’ve been lucky in that people have only ever wanted to kick me twice - for accidental team-killing. Though I accidentally started a vote to kick myself once. It passed. I cried for awhile.

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