War of Kingdoms [suggestion]

  • First of all, must to admit you did a very good “basement” (sorry i can’t call it as a final product “a game”, i believe you understand and working on it ;) )

    So back to my suggestion

    In my opinion the game lacks goals. Indeed you are fighting for nothing. For unlocks? there is only few and they more or less equal to each other (anyway every one use those which do better damage you know :D ). So people soon or less will ask themselves “what we fighting for?”.
    I suggest add next things (and yes they are in complex):
    -gold (so you earn not just some points but gold to spend (people love gold you know ;) )(but gold is nothing without stuff to buy)
    -(here may be some little things people usually call “visual customization items” like armor sets and so on…and this is for you to decide…i do not care about such things but they are obvious must be for people who care)
    -people like to be part of group, so they need some place for it, like guild/clan houses (your site pages or may be even ingame section?)…but they want to be famous…leader-boards? they probably must be in such game…regular tournaments? ok…but then there should be some prizes for winners…and not just place in leader boards…but i think i’m not that man who can suggest such things…i suggest other things =)

    so we have gold, guilds, tournaments, some stuff and scoreboards…some people would say it is already enough…but for me…nah =)

    next step is War of Kingdoms

    //in fact i do not know how much resources do you have, and how big goals you can afford so i start with smallest version (cause you are indie, so i do not expect anything bigger from you, but you always can surprise people, like you did with so unexpected product which already better that “some” war of the roses title (which is not from “some guy from crowd”) =) )

    if you know world of tanks game, you know about their “global map” and their systems (i believe you do)…they can be good for this game and that is what i’m talking about…map with regions (kingdoms) to conquer with your guild…place where you can spend your gold…
    I’m talking about place where you can build your own castle!
    And protect it from others!
    Yes, customizeable castle as map for playing (more gold your guild earn - better castle you have…but better means more gold for maintain)
    So your guild not only earn money from regular fights and tournaments, they fight for their guild and castle and Honor on BIG leaderboards :3

    for many of us (players), this already enough and our soul can be calm…for a while =)

    but if you think you can do something better than just some “regular” things…then even i will be surprised :D (for WoT such things was in project from start and come to live not that long ago…and people already become bored with those things)

    If you are really want create something BETTER…then it will be something really big…bigger than your own game :D

    I think you already have your own plans for this product ;)
    And i write it mostly cause i argued with some of my friends about in which way this game will develop ;)

    There is indeed more ways to build a “game” on such good basement…and i really wish you will not destroy it in order to build something bigger than basement can hold, and not that small or even ugly to not be disappointed about lost potential, and not just finish when polishing will end 8-)

    So good luck and let stars guide you in your way in this world…cheers :D

    PS in fact I can’t play “this” already (after 12 hours), cause there is no goals as in other games…it is like to play CS when i have BF3 installed…and these team kills and friendly fire for game without reason…jzs…no one really care about and i understand that…no penalty - no worries…but if you say so in chat - you will be kicked like “you are wrong, we care! that is why we say “sorry” like near each time we kill some one…yea 20 times in round! and only to you! XD…so if you do not like to be killed by us - go on other server” muhaha XD (epic stuff in fact XD)

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