The Developer kit and Steam Workshop

  • Well the title pretty much says it all, but I’m just curious if the developer/editor kit which you have said will be released sometime after CMW, will be linked up to the steam workshop tool? I gather that this is probably lightyears ahead of what the devs are comtemplating atm, but i’m just interrested in what is intended for modding this game and so on. Anyhow I really love the steam workshop for skyrim’s creation kit thing and have already downloaded several mods for it including a cooking addon ( :D ), and hope to be able to participate fully in the modding scene for CMW once it comes out :D .


  • Developer

    Can’t confirm anything there yet as the steam workshop is so new and we haven’t been able to look into it too far yet. But it certainly seems like a great idea.

  • I am interested, I have decided that I would like to seek an occupation in the Gaming industry after my time in the US Navy is over.
    I think a great way for me to re-hone my years of 3d modeling and map making skills would be to make maps/models/mods for a game.
    I have an extreme passion for the Western Arts Martial and all things Medieval, thus, a game of this caliber, would be, in my opinion, perfect for this.
    Is there an expected date as of late for a DK?

  • You can start to familiarize yourself with the tools we use with the UDK:
    We’ll probably release the game with the editor as well :)

  • Steam workshop would be a great place for mapmakers.

  • Is it this may 2012 UDK beta that we can download to use for free or should i just wait for the june release?

  • May 2012 UDK is fine.

  • Hey, if you consider using Steam Workshop, make sure you create Chivalry: Medieval Warfare Nexus as well, the Nexus platform is much bigger more popular for modders to use than Steam Workshop if there is a Nexus for a game.

  • @b3h47pte:

    We’ll probably release the game with the editor as well :)

    What do you mean by releasing the game with the editor? Do you mean game assets?

  • They never comment on that…

  • One thing for sure; I am glad that this game isn’t running on source.

    Screw Hammer…

  • I’d really rather not. I’ve been boycotting Steam Workshop since I got Skyrim, as I don’t agree with it’s moderating policies and limited scope. What I would absoutely love, though, is if you could contact Dark0ne about setting up a Chivalry Nexus. Now that would be great.

  • I’m here :)

    Ready and willing.

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