Client working under linux.

  • So here’s how i did it on ubuntu 12.10.

    installed playonlinux (from the git donno if that would matter probably not)
    installed most of the available “install packages”, most importantly the microsoft visual c++ 2005, 2008
    and 2010 & .NET 1.1 all the way to 3.5 sp1. Sometimes there will be “application crashed” dialogue but the install worked, just ignore those. I also installed core fonts, and some other things that where listed that i thought it might need.

    Note that .net 3.5 sp1 failed a few times (and a few others) not sure if it really failed or if it was just the false positive, doesn’t matter cause the public redist packages we are going to install seems to have worked anyway, but you can just try and install every package twice if u get crash dialogue thats what i did. So now that we are done with the supplied packages from playonlinux. We need the ones that come from chivalry, cause the installation of the redists from steam when you first run chivalry will fail. I couldnt figure out or fix those installations, there where a few patches, and i found another game Dishonored seemed to be using the same redists. And i played dishonored and was pretty decent. So i tried the udk redist (the main one that couldnt get installed proporly) and it went perfectly, ontop of that it installed some of the c++ redists that had failed for me before automagicly. After that chivalry just skips the prereq part of the starter and launches yey!.

    At first the resolution was bit borked, and sometimes i couldnt resize it but after some messing around i finally got access to switch the resolution/fullscreen/windowed mode and then it crashed in the network window. i restarted it, and the network window did not crash, and i finally got to play my first game.

    All settings on max i immediately noticed the performance drop, but to be expected. But there is this strange lock type lag that comes if you do to many actions. It wont unfreeze until you stop pushing buttons. To get around this you basically have to plan your number of “button” presses for each fight or you will get the “lockup”. Besides that and the pretty massive performance drop, its quite playable. The freeze issue is the most game breaking.

    Anyway iv copied the redist folder from Dishonored and ill link it here, its no warez or anything just redists. I might redo it and make a video if people are interested, but basically install the redists/libs, install steam, start downloading chivalry, install the dishonored redists, (including the c++ ones, they will also try and install .net stuff automagically, safe to do, also if any of these installs fail, just do them again, that worked for me. After that just fireup chiv and tinker with settings, try to be careful in the server browser or it might crash. GL & HF!. …

  • update: after my kernel updated to 3.7 and a few graphic stuff got updated the weird input lag thiingy is gone, so now its just a fps loss to deal with! actually playable.

    update2: annoying issue that the mouse is unturnable to the left before you do a 180 degree move to the right., seems to happen after sprinting

    update3: with everything on low its kind of playable.

    [youtubehd:5pxxbxoc]lOHGtIdD66w[/youtubehd:5pxxbxoc] …

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