Server option: Remove all ranged weapons

  • First of all I have read that there are on-going discussions about archers but just never mind all of them for now, this thread is it’s own thread (but sorry if this has already been suggested, though it should be read again anyway).

    To the main point now. Please give servers the option to totally remove all ranged weapons from the game. This would of course remove the archer class entirely - the most common reason why I end my Chivalry sessions - and would also take out throwing axes, daggers, fire pots and smoke bombs, the latter solely because everyone would just have them and they’d be thrown everywhere all the time.

    I’ve always hated archers in games like this, as do countless other people, and Chivalry in particular is build around melee combat which in my opinion is ruined when people bring bows to a sword fight. Although you have designed the class well, no matter how much you buff/nerf them they will always be cheap, dirty archers, there is no real workaround. People will continue to play the game as it will be an unforced change, but I expect it will make an untold amount happy. Seriously, what argument could shoot this idea down?

    Thanks for reading.

  • I support this idea, along with another tweak to allow/disallow weapons for the servers, say for example IF we have a duel server, there is barely any need for ranged weapons as they are only used by archers who can’t read and simply thinks its not strange that everyone isn’t fighting like wild animals, taunting before their attack each other… No no, nothing strange about that, so the archer starts to use his bow to fire at them from distance, that so on leads to insta-kick :p disabling bows and that stuff should reduce the amount of archers at duels.

  • Thanks for your support! And yes, a weapons limiter would also be nice for such things as duel servers or if a certain weapon becomes bugged in a patch.

  • What I find most amusing about this thread is the derogatory attitude towards archers, painting them as worthless commoners with no honour, no skill and claiming cheap and dirty kills… How wonderfully apt and accurate a reflection of the view held by medieval nobleman and knights! Which makes me think the game balance for archers is perfect, haha. They are a key part to this game imo.

    That said, I totally support the ability for server hosts to be able to lock out classes for the purposes of specialising a server for duels or whatever.

  • An archer free game would please me.

    Would also remove the reason to use an aimbot when playing the game as well! No archery, no reason to cheat. Too many times now I’ve been sniped across the map in one shot by somebody I can’t even see. A lucky shot every now and then is reasonable, but being repeatedly sniped in the same manner, with no missed pre-shots is too much of a coincidence to chalk it up to luck.

    Regardless of cheating, snipers in games really irritate me. For melee focused games, this is especially bad.

  • Bump.

    Please don’t let this thread get lost, I love the game but hate archers with a passion and it seems if anything is going to drive me (and some of my friends) away from the game it would be them. I’m sure if the devs took note of this they would hopefully implement the option.

  • I hate archers as well, but more because I feel they’re are too effective in close combat. However, on the objective gametype at least they definitely should be there, I wouldn’t want to see them removed completely.

    That said, you can’t have enough server options like this, however only if the server browser at the very least clearly shows them, and preferably also allows filtering on them.

  • @Dudg:

    …archers… worthless commoners with no honour

    May I quote you? :D

  • well , as a server option for FFA or LTS , why not … but no archers in TO would be horrible … archers are a key role in any TO match ( for the defending team that is … )
    im a horrible archer , i cant hit sombody even if he were to stand still ,but having 2-3 archers in defence makes all the diffence between a rape-train and a fair match
    ( but i cant stand having 3-4 archers in offence … )
    i personaly wouldnt play in TO servers where archers are disable but for FFA, LTS it would be great…


  • Definitely make it a ‘no ranged weapons’ option… banning archers would only create a massive influx of MAA’s with firepot spam, and firepot is AWESOME just the way it is, and it would be horrible to see it nerfed because of changes that shoehorned people into spamming it. :D


  • I love archers but I can understand why someone would want this option, and an all melee server could be fun once in a while, I support this idea.

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