Map ideas

  • A siege on a daunting epic castle would be fantastic (maybe something like in Age of the empires 2), very basic but it would work by storming the bridge, maybe chucking ladders on its walls like in lotr, and then eventually aim to get to the top of the castle where the King, Princess or whatever awaited death. Also a map where it’s literally quite plain and simple but the option for bigger battles is put in place so you could have battles on fields with a practically flat surface. And finally just basically more maps in general but i’m sure you are working on that anyway, thanks.

  • I’d like to see a map in upper most of Old Agatha(See world map here. Or a map in Ramnor, where Agathain Knights have to try and take a port town alongside the river in Ramnor to cut the Mason supply lines.

    Perhaps simply raiding and stealing the riches from a city in Parodin, where a raiding party has to actively search for anything valuable that might be able to finance their war efford. Capturing a quarry and mine region in Irilla? A map involving the Masons invading a small city to slay the local chantry and clergy?

    Who knows. All I know is that I’d love a map with some snow and perhaps some old maps from Age of Chivalry making a return

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