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  • Honestly, the first thing I thought of when i saw this is “Man I wish Mount & Blade had all this and looked that good”.

    On that note, personally, my absolute dream of a medieval FP combat game would something that looks like has the game play value of M&B, (both MP and SP) but looks as beautiful and is as fluid as what Chivalry seems to be becoming int erms of visuals and combat. So, something I think would be really, really,… really cool and a huge opportunity to make a fantastic game is if Torn Banner Studios had a chat with Tale Worlds (http://www.taleworlds.com/), and could make something like this happen. What would result is as follows: A large scale, medieval fantasy, strategy RPG, based on UDK FP large scale real-time combat. Ranging from open-field combat, to siege warfare with integrated siege tool utility (something missing from M&B that you are doing).

    Just a thought, if I had the talent and tools to work on something like this myself I would have no doubts about this kind of idea, even as something to consider in future developments of my company and making an impact in this market/gaming segment.

  • Developer

    That’s the exciting thing about this type of game with Chivalry, we’re doing a lot of stuff that no one has ever seen before and its great, but really we’re still just scratching the surface of the potential of the genre. Every single member of Torn Banner Studios is also looking forward to doing Chivalry 2 at some point as well so absolutely we want to grow the scope of the game each time we come at it and I think you’ll see that with how Chivalry is not just a rehash of age of chivalry but a true sequel. That’s something we want to do with every title we make is push the envelope and give players a more exciting and deeper experience than they can get anywhere else.

    A collaboration is unlikely and that is probably a good thing for you as gamers. You get to have two options for playing the game of your dreams and its up to us to try and convince you that ours is the better option.

  • Sounds good to me, time will tell of course :P, keep up the good work!

  • great to hear Tibberius… I’m excited to play your game and hopefully future games. I live for pvp games and I’ve been waiting for the day that 1st and 3rd person combat games upgrade to this style of fighting.

    Though I think a M&B type game with Chivalry’s combat system would be great…I think a PvP MMORPG with its combat would be even better.In fact, it would be a dream come true.

  • Developer

    MMO’s are so stale right now, they all feel very similar to each other. I would love to be able to make an MMO with a persistent world and a Chivalry style combat system, it could really shake up that genre and there would be a lot of interest in it I think. Any MMO that we did make would be different in many other ways too because there is a lot of things I disagree with that other MMOs are doing right now. The main issue with this is that MMO’s are a massive investment and take huge teams and financial resources to do properly. So in the interest of not wanting to go bankrupt, we probably won’t be able to do an MMO project for a while, but if we release a few successful games in a row- who knows!

  • If I were to make a suggestion, I would say make a single player linear Chivalry component. In the game you start as a levy, the first mission has you being called to arms with the rest of your town by the king to fight in his war, followed by a couple easy guarding jobs that turn to be not quite so easy, where you earn your place in the vanguard. You then play through, essentially, a series of battles with story elements being told in a couple places of downtime to get a soldier’s-eye view of the conflict of kings. You see and hear dissidents, complains, hear men laugh about the camp followers they slept with (“She gave me fleas!” “You better HOPE they’re fleas!”) and when basically follow a linear storyline of war, with the player fighting so fierce, that by the end of the game, he’s made a knight.

    All in a mostly-linear game. Basically, a medieval Call of Duty, but with a good story, told through non-combat missions in between the battle missions. I think that would shake up the medieval/fantasy genre as a whole. You never have single player medieval games that are not RPGs or RTS games, and very rarely in any of those are you encouraged to be anything other than a noble or a knight. This would keep you, essentially, as a soldier until AFTER the war is over, when you’ve gained a knighthood, and be a completely unique way of telling the story of a war between kingdoms.

    It could even be a part of the Chivalry mythos, being the story of how the kingdom of Agatha rose to power, and came to ruling the entire realm. Then it transitions to multiplayer, where that rule has failed, and the realm has dissolved to fighting between two factions, one that wants the realm for Malric Terrowin, and the remnants of the Agathan Crusaders who want to put King Argon’s son on the throne. All told from the eyes of the soldier who really wants nothing more than for the war to be over so he can go home.

    Much more interesting than another bland MMO, IMO.

  • @Ajax:

    a medieval Call of Duty, but with a good story

    :D I completely agree Ajax, loads of MMO nowdays are the same “RMB another wolf and mash the number keys 200 times till you get a new achievment” dribble. A game with a story to tell and a real RPG element in it would be awsome. Fond memories of the finale mission of cod4….

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