Couch Athletics

  • Hopefully I’m not breaking rules within this post, but I just wanted to invite some folks who haven’t really found any bros to play with, to a small community I belong to. I went ahead and bit the bullet and picked up a four pack and distributed them to some friends and they are all really enjoying the game. We’re looking for any others who just want to bro out with us.

    If you are looking for a place to hang out, feel free to check us out at We’re not a clan and we aren’t set to try hard mode while playing. We don’t ever plan on play competitively. Mostly we just enjoy spamming out battle cry and stabbing people. Feel free to hang out if you’re interested.

    When we aren’t playing Chivalry, we also have people who bounce back and forth between other games and such. You can find out all about that if you’re interested.


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