Archer Progression Lost

  • I spent hours today grinding through the unlock trees for bows and javelins. I decided I wanted the veteran helmet for archer. I got it. I hate bows and javelins, but I got it.

    Now it’s all gone. None of my progress from today was saved. Its there any reason for this happening? Is there a way to fix it? I made sure I was playing on a VAC secured server.

    I like being in the melee. I extremely rarely play archer and when I do I use the crossbow. The thought of having to grind out the kills again for the veteran helmet is very disheartening.

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  • Were you playing on an Official server? VAC secured doesn’t mean much from what I understand - you have to play on one of the many Official servers if you want to permanently unlock stuff.

  • Thank you for the reply.

    I’m not sure of the server name anymore to be honest. I lost the progression so I guess it wasn’t an official server. That strikes me as a bit silly though. You can only permanently unlock stuff on servers that are official? With no warning message anywhere indicating the rules to progression? So the devs figured “let’s make it pointless for people to start their own server”? I mean really? You introduce an unlock system then make it so people can’t make their own server and have it count? There of course would need to be rules of conformity to settings to make a server “official”. I would think that if a registered server had all the same setting as a true official server it should count as an official server. This game is gaining in popularity because it is a rather good game. The devs are going to have to start a whole hell of a lot more official servers or they’re going to have to rethink their policy on them. It’s sometimes impossible to find an official server. I’m truly baffled.

  • Any ranked server allows unlocks, the problem is when the server loses connection to steam. One of our servers apparently doesn’t unlock things for anyone, and why it doesn’t attempt reconnecting on map change, I really don’t know.

  • That sounds much more reasonable. Like a technical issue with the back end of the server system. I’m no tech so please forgive me if that last sentence was woefully ignorant of the actual technical issue.

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