More: *to the game* Grappling and Cinematic Finishing Moves

  • A neat gameplay mechanic that I think would add a large amount of value towards creating that “hollywood” feel about your game would to be the addition of a “grapple” combat state. How this could work is players are given a key (like kicking) to attempt a grapple, if they land this short range attack (ie: not blocked or parried) the two characters engage in a struggle. Durring this time say there is a “rock paper scissors” style encounter where if the attacker wins (say best out of 3 rounds, each one can move the grappling animations to a new state of “struggle”) they perform a finishing move on the defender (such as a trip or hip throw to the ground, then proceeding to thrusting their blade into the opponents heart) and if the defender wins, the attacker is pushed back and staggered or knocked down (left somewhat vulnerable to a counter attack).

    The idea behind this, as I said, is to add a really neat cinematic value to those back-and-forth combats, which can end in a fantastic finishing move to top it all off. Why this mechanic wont be over-used or overpowered is int he fact that 1) you have to land it as if you are landing a solid blow (ie: not blocked or dodged), it has a short range, and while the two players are struggling, they are more than vulnerable to external attacks by teammates for the duration of the encounter (say ~5-10s). This can also add a neat strategic element for either player to send their actions faster or slow (must be done within a fixed time for each move, say 2-3s) to either keep the attacker or defender vulnerable for a longer period of time, or keep yourself vulnerable for a shorter amount fo time.

    A neat Idea I haven’t seen implement in many games at all, I think it would meat your companies goals for this game and add a fair amount of value if can be done without TOO much effort and cost.

  • So long as being interrupted is appropriately handled . .Wouldn’t mind a breakaway move, either.

  • Developer

    We threw around the idea of grappling in Chivalry but decided that it fell out of scope for this project for us. It is something I personally, as a big fan of Mixed Martial Arts, would love to include in a future title. Some of the design challenges involved with grappling in a multi-player setting are:

    • How do you handle players being able to interrupt other players that are grappling? (Or do you allow for I hold you stab strategies? How do you make this not the overwhelmingly best choice? Will anyone finish a grapple move if someone else can just come up and interrupt it?)

    • Losing control of your character can be a very frustrating experience in a game, how can you allow one player to impose his will on another without the other player being annoyed? (UGH! Grappled again, I hate this!)

    • How do you make a grappling/clinch fighting game not ‘gamey’ or arcadey? (Press X to win now! Oh no you didn’t press x in time so now you are getting suplexed onto your stupid head!)

    None of this is to say that an awesome, intuitive, visceral grappling mode wouldn’t be possible to do in Chivalry. In fact I have put some thought into this idea previously and have some ideas on how we might be able to tackle the above issues, but the unfortunate reality is that focusing so heavily on this feature would detract from our other plans for this release of the game. So its a great idea, its a very challenging idea to do well, in fact I don’t think any other game has done it well (UFC Undisputed titles are the best so far though), and that makes it appeal to me even more, but we’re focused right now on more core elements of the melee combat system that are just as exciting and challenging to implement.

    Would love to hear some thoughts and discussion on how we could go about implementing it in the future though for sure.

  • I think it’d be really annoying in a 3+ player game where you could just get shanked by a 3rd party while stuck in a grapple. It’d just be a really lame way to win fights.

    Edit: It would be pretty cool though to have an “offensive” parry where you just rush an opponent and press your sword to his, forcing him to caress & back up, sidestep, or push back (like in the movies where two opponents generally exchange some witty dialogue while their swords are crossed).

    Or yes, as goodguy said, a breakaway move.

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