Future Mechanics Dreams

  • Double clicking Mouse 1 starts attack from left side.
    Passive shield block from right side attacks. This blocks prevent dmg but may cause stamina loss or cause daze or another disadvantage for balance.
    able to chose left handed character.

    Special ability and/or ulti;
    Special ability may have cooldown or need stamina or a new bar.
    Ulti will be charged by successfull hits(parried ones will be counted also, failed hits means hitting air), and will degen by time.
    Special abilities can be ideal for finishing moves for low hp enemies and/or a variational kind of action that can be done in a monotonous fights. Some easy/silly examples like grabbing dirt from ground if you are one handed and throwing to enemy to annoy his vision. or whirlwind attack with two handed sword like in gw2 or yurnero from dota2(holding sword and turning wit the help of centrifugal force. or else havent tohught much about skills just some examples from games.

    Exhaustion bar for long runs for adding some realism( can be turned on/off by server)

    stances: right now our position is right feet behind facing with left side, left leg behind facing with right sde and lateral position would be nice. chancing stances in fights.

    leaderboard; it should count unique kills, like when I killed you 1 time it count 1 when I killed you again it doesnt count, but when you kill me I get -1 you get +1.
    its should count the number of accounts I killed.
    but only count last fight with same them.
    doesnt matter If i killed him 100 times it count 1 and at 101th battle he kills me he gets the 1 point I lose 1 point

    FarFar Future:
    Finishing moves under %10/5 hp enemies

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  • I didn’t like anything you posted except for the option of disarming. That would actually be pretty interesting. As a vanguard, I never use my cudgel. If I were forced to when fighting a maa or a knight with the hammer and shield, it might make fights for me much harder and interesting.

    The only thing about disarming is they should make it so you can still pick your weapon back up, but maybe with a timer or something. This way it creates a dueling area where the two or at least the disarmed person must fight.

  • i started a topic about disarming already :)

  • @Suncross:

    I didn’t like anything you posted except for the option of disarming.

    I liked them all

  • @smokingbobs:

    i started a topic about disarming already :)

    I dont think they make it, cos needs a new mechanic like picking them again, new animations etc, I doubt they wanna do it, but I put it in farfar future so it might be in a new game

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