UDK? commercial?!

  • “UDK is the FREE for non-commercial use version of Unreal Engine 3 –
    the complete professional development framework.”

    So UDK is for “NON-COMERCIAL” use.

    Are you going to “sign a UDK Commercial Use License Agreement”?

    Or will you just brake the EULA? :roll:

  • A team creates a game with UDK that they intend to sell. After six months of development, they release the game through digital distribution and they earn $15,000 in the first calendar quarter after release. Their use of UDK during development requires no fee. Upon release they would pay US $99.99 for a Royalty Bearing license. After earning $15,000, they would be required to pay Epic $2,500 ($0 on the first $5,000 in revenue, and $2,500 on the next $10,000 in revenue). On subsequent revenue, they are required to pay the 25% royalty.

    -From UDK.com under the licensing tab. :roll:

  • So then, how much do you predict you’ll be selling the game for? As you are now a new commercial development team teh chances are that there won’t be much publicity.

  • Of course i read the Licensing page, but i wanted to heare your comment

    PsychoAlex just asked the right question……
    Do you think the 15000$ will ever come back in your pocket?
    AoC is a good game, and hopefully will be, but you havent got enougth prestige nor a large basis of customer that would pay for it. And i dont think you gonne reach the european market over Steam. :?

    But I hope that your team rise from the mud of “famelessnes” and reaches the mount of glory, fame and money.

    *sry for my english

  • No matter the price, I’ll support this awesome game :O

  • @th3C0ok:

    AoC is a good game, and hopefully will be, but you havent got enougth prestige nor a large basis of customer that would pay for it. And i dont think you gonne reach the european market over Steam. :?

    Well look at similar games from indie developers, Lead and Gold and recently released Iron Grip: Warlords which seem to do rather well on steam…
    The better steam integration like steamworks, achievements, leaderboard, etc the more likely the game is to achieve popularity on steam.
    Since Age of Chivalry is a HL2 mod with steamworks support and an already large community I have no doubt about this game being successful as long as it lives up or exceeds the standard of AoC.

  • my guess is 20-30 american

  • We’ll see as we get further into development.

  • First off: The license for what Kingmaker described costs $99. Where you have to pay 25% on all profit after the firs $5000 is earned. Heres a link for more info about the udk and it’s licensing schemes http://udk.com/

    Second, I’m going to create another thread… that has a better mood to it, on a similar subject. Cya soon.

  • @Vox:

    my guess is 20-30 american

    I’m gonna travel to America and punch everybody until they buy it.

    (or if the guy is like… huge… il just buy him the game)

  • Everybody here is so depressing. :(
    This game IS going to sell. If CBA is 1 % as cool as age of chivalry, im gonna buy 1457 copies if that is needed. (My expectations are on like 1500%)

    I’m gonna say it again. I love you.
    (maybe i should put that as my signature, cause i keep saying it on my messages?)

  • Singed up to these forums having spotted an article in Develop Magazine.
    Already sent my CV in your direction given my professional skill-set marries perfectly with my interests in this sort of game. :)

    But regardless of if it appeals or not, I’d just like to say, it does look interesting, and another indicator that indie development teams in distributed developed networks have superb potential in the future.

    And if you can do a Taleworlds, with Mount and Blade, and pull off a successful release with a good customer base, well, here’s hoping you get a lot more than the 15K in profits…

    Though I’ve got to say; “CBA” - short acronym for “Cant be Arsed”. Oops. Unfortunate, but I guess thats at least mostly a scots expression.

  • the can’t be arsed has been bugging me too! I’m guessing you’ve not checked out the mod Age of Chivalry?

  • I’d never even heard of it till I noticed the article in Develop, which just happened to mention it in passing.

    Been poking at the AoC website this evening, though.

    looks interesting, though I expect I’d suck at it. Lets just say the better part of 5 years’ intensive studying medieval combat and half a decade before that dabbling in it in reality does’nt correlate to the slightest ability in online matches. :|
    still, might be fun, though I suspect a streak of history fascism (“No! that belt buckle is from 1450, and that sort of shoe is obviously 1410!”) may mean anally retentive details being observed and griped at…

    I suppose since this forum’s pretty fresh, you could start trying C:BfA as the acronym and see if that catches on?
    as long as it does’nt become “Cant Be F*****g Arsed” then :)

  • Oooh I hope you get on the team then I’m liking your attention to detail! :D

    You should definately give AoC a lil try if you get any spare time, definately a game that you can enjoy even if you’re absolutely terrible.

    haha well I think I’m just gonna call it Chivalry and hope that catches.

  • I quite like the current one, “Can’t be fucking arsed is interesting”, and I’m pretty sure it’s quite unique as well :D

    And try AoC already, it will be worth it.

  • 'tis about 60% downloaded.

    we’ll see how badly I can do.

  • Red, I believe you may have an asnwer to this….

    Where on earth is Wingy?

    This won’t be a real forum until he’s here, not in my eyes it won’t.

  • @Blackbird:

    I’m liking your attention to detail! :D

    trust me, it’s not fun

    Robin Hood, the Russel Crowe film?

    the trailer’s about 2 mins 30seconds long.
    first time I saw that in the cinema, I spotted 4 centuries of helmet types depicted. Norman Nasal (11th C), Kettle hat (13th - 15th), Coventry Sallet (2nd half of 15th C) - and worn without a Bevor, at that. I also think I spotted a bascinet in the background, and a pembridge helm in background flash-cuts.

    and that’s just helmets…. in the trailer. they’re not even my area of study…

    can you imagine how much that ruins the film for me, spotting every mish-mash of time and place?

    gah. gets on my tits, it does. :)

  • Haha i know exactly, I noticed all those things too…… ;) haha maybe not.

    However I study music and understand what you mean, I hate it when film scores use instruments that hadn’t even been invented when the film is set, i guess thats the same thing.

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