[SOLVED] Outdated Server List?

  • The past couple days Ive been trying to play chivalry and it keeps putting me in empty servers. I click on servers that have like 20 people in them and then theres no one in there, eventually someone else will join and say they had the same problem. I talked to my friend Matt and he said he found a temporary solution.

    Mattk50: dude wtf is
    Mattk50: with chivalrys server browser
    Mattk50: its fucking broken
    Mattk50: has like
    Zteven3000: Is it puttnig you in empty servers too?
    Mattk50: days old server data
    Mattk50: yeah heres what i figured out
    Mattk50: you need to restart steam
    Mattk50: deleted clientregistry.blob
    Mattk50: and that refreshes the servers
    Mattk50: once
    Mattk50: :|

    This is probably important to fix, I dont know if its a problem only effecting a certain amount of people or not. Im just here posting this because I dont want it driving off any more players than it has because I love this game.

  • It’s been announced that a hot fix is coming soon to address this problem.

  • Alright, thank you.

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