[Poll] Add Medieval Swear/Curse Words (Taunt)

  • They are not precisely ‘Medieval’ but have a apperance between 13th and 14th century.
    Keys: F1-F9? Or Ctrl+1-9?

    Jementous: An effective means of insulting someone is to accuse them of polluting the air, as in “People fell at his feet, but only after they’d smelt his breath.” If the occasion warrants it, you might try; “Your aftershave’s distinctive, do I detect a hint of hircismus?” Hircismus has two related meanings; offensive armpit odor or the smell of a goat. Jementous is similar. It’s an adjective which means smelling of horse urine and it may catch people unawares.

    Slubberdegullion: This word is superior to jementous from the onamatapoeic perspective. It really does sound like a damning insult and it is. A slubberdegullion is a slobbering foul individual, a worthless sloven, a pigpen, a jeeter, a tramp, an uncouth slob, a disgusting draggletail, a torpid and tawdry tatterdemalion. This is someone who lives in the gutter and whose only function on this planet is to serve as a warning to others.

    Helminth: It’s no compliment to call someone a slubberdegullion, but it is quite a mild insult when compared to something like helminth. A helminth is an intestinal worm. It’s the same as the difference (in the US) between calling someone a doofus and calling them a dipshit. Or if you prefer a UK example, its the difference between a plonker and a complete fuckwit. As an epithet, helminth can be classified with cockroach, slug, leech, dung beetle and other lowlife that we have no love for.

    Jackanapes: A conceited or impudent person.

    Popinjay: Old-fashioned term for a parrot (someone who acts exactly like you, like a mirror!)

    Excerebrose: Perhaps the greatest insult of all in our society is to proclaim that someone is utterly stupid. There is a treasury of insults of this type in circulation, of which the following serve as excellent examples:

    • So stupid he uses two hands to eat with chopsticks.
    • As sharp as a bowling ball.
    • His incompetence is an inspiration to morons everywhere.
    • He’s nobody’s fool, but we’re hoping someone will adopt him.

    Likewise there are many words that simply mean idiot, including less common ones such as as; dummkopf, jabberknwol, balatron, ninnyhammer, gowk (or gawk), schnook and nincompoop. There are probably many others. Excerebrose is more precise than any of these, and in my view to be preferred. It simply means brainless.

    Scullion: “I am His Majesty’s dog at Kew. Pray tell me sir: whose dog are you?” Insults that are aimed directly at rank or position, as satirized in that quotation, are no longer as common as they once were. Scullion is an example. It is anachronistic as it means a low-ranking domestic servant who performs menial cookhouse tasks. The word comes from the French escouillon which meant a swab or cloth.

    Poltroon: If you want to call someone a coward and you’ve grown tired of “yellow belly” and “chicken” then poltroon is an excellent substitute. The word comes originally from the Italian poltrone, which meant both lazy fellow and coward. In fact poltrone may have been the old Italian word for couch potato, since the Italian poltro means couch. However, as it morphed its way through French into English the coward aspect of its meaning was emphasized.

    Clapperdudgeon: This qualifies as my favorite insult because it’s completely off the wall. A clapperdudgeon is a beggar whose parents were beggars. A clapperdudgeon is not just a bum deadbeat mendicant hobo panhandling vagabond, but someone who is skilled in a trade proudly handed down from father to son and from mother to son. There are probably even calapperdudgeons whose parents were clapperdudgeons. They’re not just beggars, they’re the essence of beggar. That’s pretty insulting really.

  • Great post, thanks for the enjoyable read!

    +1 to this idea in some form.

    Some of my favourites:
    draggletail, torpid and tawdry tatterdemalion
    jabberknwol, balatron, ninnyhammer

  • Yes please, Some of the insults are quite bland. Just screaming at them with the battlecry seems to satify my need to talk to my enemies.

  • that would be awesome, look how many syllables they have, plus the hillarious voice acting (play the tutorial lol)


  • Scullion is already in game. I think the taunts now are fantastic and understated and I’d not say no to more of the same.

  • Yeah, I think above all, the most satisfying thing in the whole game is yelling all round while slashing my enemies and running around like an idiot. Best feature ever =)

  • They should add in “Jupiter’s Cock”, like Batiatus always says in Spartacus… lol

  • In other words, what Stronghold 2 has, in multiplayer.
    Medieval insults, when we press the F# keys.

    (sorry, I but I couldn’t find a video showing them all…)

  • @Kimiko:

    They should add in “Jupiter’s Cock”, like Batiatus always says in Spartacus… lol

    Hardly Medieval, isn’t it bit more Roman possibly?

    Cool anyways with that so many appreciate this idea! :)

  • I’d like "You Scoundrels"

  • I’d like: I had sheep put up more fight than you!


    …tbh i’d like all the orignal aoc taunts back, with the original voice…they were epic…all of them.

  • @Easterlake:

    Cool anyways with that so many appreciate this idea! :)

    I was trying to be funny… as it would be funny to hear in game…

    Guess I failed. :(

  • Oh okay, didnt get your sense of humor Kimko =S

  • I wanna be a grumphy as fuck Archer constantly using the word cunt.

    Anyone who’s read Crécy knows what up.

  • An example of well-made medieval taunt:



  • @fdsdh1:

    that would be awesome, look how many syllables they have, plus the hillarious voice acting (play the tutorial lol)


    Agree with u sir! Cool :)
    Hilarious sounds and voices

  • “Your mother fornicate with a dog and thus you are born!”

  • +1 to this would be a sweet idea when fighting other knights instead of just screaming at them ;)

  • Need to throw some Monty Python and the Holy Grail taunts into there too.

    “Your mother was a hamster and your father smelt of elderberries!”

  • Since we don’t have this yet I’ve resorted to yelling in allchat “HAVE AT THEE, VARLETS!” Or “AVAST, THOU KNAVE!”

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