How to set server Game Speed

  • Hey,

    Just got the Dedicated server up and running. Noticed there’s a search filter for “Game Speed” on the server list. How do I set this on my server? There seems to be no field for it in any .ini file I’ve looked through.

    In a singleplayer game “slomo” in the console seems to control the game speed, but on my dedicated server I get “unknown command” when I type something like “slomo 2” and am logged in as admin.

    Any ideas?



  • SOLVED* (kind of)

    i just enabled the speedfreak mutator in command line and game is much snappier now

  • Ugh,

    Enabling the mutator made the game not show up in the games list. Disabling it brings the game back to the games list.

    Found the fTimeDilation entry in PCServerUDKGame.ini and changed that to increase the game speed, but even an increase from 1.0 to 1.1 blocks the game from showing up in the games list.

    I don’t understand how you’re supposed to change the gamespeed. They put the search field in the game filters, but provided no information of how to set it. Was the inclusion of that field an oversight or am I supposed to be allowed to set the speed on my server?


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