Cannot connect to Localhost

  • Hi,
    I have downloaded the dedicated server files through the steam tools and open the exe.
    I have noticed that nothing appears in the CMD which seems normal from the posts i read.
    Then i tried joining in with ‘’ open ‘’ but cannot manage to connect.
    The error i get is ‘’ your connection to the host has been lost ‘’

    Then i tried to put in some launch options i found on the internet (i have no idea what they mean).
    AOCTD-Moor_p?steamsockets -dedicated=true -seekfreeloadingserver -Port=7777 -QueryPort=7778 -maxplayers=24.

    I also opened ports 7777 - 7779 and 27015, Not that it makes a difference since im connecting through localhost but i tried.

    All these attempts lead me nowhere.
    Can any one help please ?

    Thanks :)

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