Weapon Stats

  • In the latest patch notes I noticed changes to things like the Norse Sword stab speed and damage. Where are these damage and speed numbers listed? All I see in game are damage, speed, and reach listed as percentages that really don’t mean anything except relative to each other. Over time I’ve come to not trust these numbers as they can differ greatly from actual experience in their use. Looking through these forums I notice some users listing actual damage and speed numbers.

    Where is this information? When balance changes are made to weapons are those balance changes reflected in game on the weapon stat panel, or do we still have the same numbers there that we did on release that mean nothing now?

  • Thank you. Do you know the actual health pools for each class? I see the damage resistance numbers there. Is the health pool the same and the resistance numbers the real difference?

  • Everyone has 100 hp, the resistance modifiers make the difference.

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