Stamina: What does it do?

  • I’m confused as to what stamina actually effects. According to Steam I have 34 hours in the game and I still have no idea. Just yesterday I was playing as a knight against a man at arms. He was good with his dashes. I couldn’t manage to get my sword of war to connect with him. At the same time he couldn’t hit me because I was being careful with my parries and footwork so I didn’t simply get overwhelmed by the speed of his sword. My strategy was to let him wear himself out and then kill him. He was making noise like a man about to fall over from exhaustion for a good minute and I still couldn’t do a thing to him. He parried just fine, dodged just fine, and swung his sword around like a lunatic just fine. Eventually I mistimed my parries enough times that he killed me. This is just one example of many. So what does stamina actually do? If would figure if someone burned through their stamina they’d be at a severe disadvantage. That doesn’t seem to be the case.

  • When you are at 0 Stamina, you can’t attack, block or dodge, however, it regenerates very quickly, so you won’t be stuck for long at 0 stamina. I did notice myself that when I am out of stamina, once I gathered the tiniest ammount for another parry, the regeneration takes longer.

  • I tested this and you’re right. The time it takes for stamina to regen from zero is ridiculously short. Short enough to be inconsequential. In my opinion that is a balance issue that should be looked at long before all these other weapon balances I see discussed on these forums.

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