Lagg problems

  • it seems like every one are have problems with lagg on all servers, will we see a fast fix to this problem? and when will the fix come?

  • I couldnt agree more… never had lagproblems like this before…its totally fxcktardish lagghell…It feels like you are an epileptic knight on drugs…allmost.
    Its not playable for me anymore cause of the lag…before the patch I didnt have lagproblem.

  • +1 for experiencing lag issues recently. Not sure whats going on at the moment

  • I experience l…la…lag problems all the time,especially after the patch was out.This is really annoying and I can’t enjoy the game.But it’s not only the lag issue,there are other problems as well.So,I’m getting more and more frustrated with the game and that’s not 8-) ,it’s :( .

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