Joining your team?!?

  • Hello there Team Chivalry.

    My name is John Smith, i have… well let me tell you with a flashback…
    I was about 12 years old, when i was playing all kinds of First Person games, i played FPS too, but my big passion was Medieval gaming, the way you had to… well kill the enemys with Strategy, and… all those things, my mom was a nurse, so when she was on a course in another country, she always brought a knight or such. It was about a month ago i found this HL2 Mod called Pirates, Vikings And Knights, so finally a FPMW (First Person Medival Warfare) game was out, the only problem? To quick rounds, no strategy, then i came across this game, i watched the trailer and bam! I had to play it, i looked at the website, and saw… Alpha Testing, Closed Alpha Testing… Now im here writing a Email to join your team, as Alpha / Beta Tester Or / And Web Designer (CSS3). Learn more about me at my Website (The topic is web designing), i loved Age of Chivalry much, so im super excited about this whole new game ;-)

    John Smith, Denmark At 13:24

    Pstt… my email is

  • Sorry, we aren’t looking for testers or a web designer at the moment! However, be sure to come back often as we will update the community on the status of alpha testing and beta testing as we see fit!

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