Of Parrys and Weapon Mass - A New System.

  • There needs to be a new system added to the game. One based on the mass of the weapons.

    When a lower mass weapon parries a higher mass weapon, the lower mass weapon should get knock-back and stun based on the mass difference.
    Also the length of the stun should be increased as stamina goes down.
    For example:

    A dagger parries a 2hd Maul. The mass difference is very large. The player with the dagger is knocked back in the vector of the maul at parry time, also they are stunned for a decent length of time (with animation of course). They should have ‘just’ enough time to parry a second maul hit.

    Of course if a larger mass weapons parry a small mass weapon, the small mass weapon is again knocked back, without stun.

    This would create a very interesting twist to the game. It would also give a larger difference between a shield and a parry. A shield would reduce the knock back and stun greatly, whilst reducing the stamina cost for a blocking.

  • I’m sorry but the idea of a stun being incorporated into this game in any way, shape or form would be the wrong way to go.

    I agree that its a bit unrealistic that a simple dagger can block a maul but lets realize this is a game and not real life.

    p.s. Just an FYI blocking bigger weapons takes up more of your stamina as of right now, so there are some repercussions from blocking with small weapons.

  • While it makes sense I cant see how this would make the game any better, it seems it would encourage fast weapon spam.

    Why block if you’re just going to get stunned and have just enough time to block again? At that point you might as well swing spam because blocking will just get you locked down. You would get stuck in a loop until someone else came up and finished the job, or just get completely overpowered by a larger weapon.

  • As it stands you a far better avoiding the attack and not blocking. I see block/parry as a last ditch defense if you get stuck in their swing radius.

    Fair enough, then just keep the knock-back and remove the stun. Perhaps make the stamina drain more pronounced.

  • I like the system, but I’d say I’d rather see someone parrying with a dagger or a 1handed mace suffer partial damage upon parrying the larger 2handers. This would promote maa to start taking shields when facing 2handers or learn how to use their dodge instead of parrying 2handers with the butterknives and spikey-sticks.

    If we are taking into account realism then the shaft of a 1hander would either break or the weapon would be knocked out of one’s hand if someone attempted to parry a weapon as large as a greatsword.

  • I much prefer Jest’s idea of bleed through damage based on weapon weight when out of stamina.

  • I think the system is fine as is for balance sake. Sure, it’s unrealistic, but what defense does an archer have when somebody gets close? I don’t play archer, but for those good enough to screw me over with a dagger, more power to them.

  • When I play archer I take the Falchion as the daggers seem rather limited in use, the falchion has a much broader range of use and is almost a norse sword :D

  • In addition, you should be able to parry at will, with a sustained hold of position, with little to no downtime.

    Based again on weapon weight.

    Dont be shy to replicate the better parts of warband. Your doing yourselves no favors,by making this rock paper scissors, as opposed to skill.

    Your game already has the advantage,in that it doesnt give away swings through foot-movement, dont break it with silly blocking limitations.

    Skill based games have longevity. Rock paper scissors are a novelty, that will be cast aside for more serious mechanics eventually.

    A parry, should be able to be held at the expense of stamina, and a shield, should have a realistic hitbox, and stamina drain as well.

    Realize this, before people go back to warband/crpg… Trust me.

    Or, release the mod tools so someone can do it for you, ;) before you loose your long term audience, and thus your long term interest and sales.

    your advantages in the market base:

    Graphics, Game types as in dynamic goals, stamina, and non-movement based swings.

    Everything else, is better in warband. drop your pride, take some notes, and succeed.

    Or ignore this advice and watch Paradox eat you for breakfast.

    Good luck! I like it so far, nothing like a little competition to drive better products, right? ;)

  • Its fine.

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