Objective based game modes = huge adv for Chiv

  • The more I kick around the WOTR forums and similar games… one things stands out.

    Combat can be debated and constantly is, but one huge adv Chiv has over the other games are the badass objective modes/maps.

    Please keep up the good work and the emphasis on this unique style of objectives. They are fun and everyone from my group is hooked on them as well.

    Thanks for a great game Torn.

    Thanks also for actually listening to your community and staying involved with them. Its amazing to see the efforts… it is appreciated.

  • Big thanks from me as well. We could do with more maps though.

    It would help to add support for community-made maps, so we could e.g. bring the awesome Helms Deep map back to life without getting the devs copyright problems.

  • Nothing like Objective based.
    I’m even deeply annoyed when I join a server playing this modes and it switches to FFA or something right after.

  • If and when SDK for Chivalry is released there will be a boat load of maps just watch.

  • Totally agree with you! Team Fortress 2 and Enemy Territory are the only shooters i have played for a longer time.

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