People starting to create hacks for Chivalry! NOOOO!!!

  • I noticed three days ago that people started using strange things, hacks. I went on youtube and typed in “Chivalry: Medieval Warfare hacks” and about 14 recent videos popped up these are the mods that I saw in each video: Headbot, forcefield, invincibility, autokill, aimbot, Mo’ ammo, No kick, Server submissioner, blood red, annoying alerineous, etc.

    I love chivalry, best game ever, but these hacks/hackers are so fudging annoying, next time I see a hacker in game, he’s getting DDos’d.


  • Unfortunately a few of those hacks you can’t distinguish from a good player, so don’t be a douche and DDOS a good player. I was recently kicked from a FFA server because I dominated. I was very friendly too.

  • A guy was bragging with his archery skills.
    Decided to learn him a lesson because I dont like people that brag without being able to back it up. First encounter, I headshotted him, he wasnt moving, easy shot. Got accused of aimbotting. Assholes happens, bad people that don’t understand who is actually skillful happens too. Got that in every community lol
    Just keep killing them to make them rage and thats it ^^
    Archers dont get lots of love tho xD

  • @iauthopsy:

    Just keep killing them to make them rage and thats it ^^
    Archers dont get lots of love tho xD

    I’m so tired of people crying about archers ingame.
    Sometimes i read “gay archers everywhere” on the chat, i press tab and I see there are only 6 archers out of 32 players, what the hell are those guys complaining about?
    As far as I’m concerned I see archers as some kind of natural hazard. I get an arrow in the face, I just deal with it, sh*t happens.

  • Only real hack i have seen just once (thank god) was the speed hack, where the knight suddenly is Speedy Gonzales. :?

  • Jordan, you my friend deserve the dumbest post of the day award.
    Seriously… how serious are you with this post? Don’t you see those post on youtube are scam artist selling hacks only if you complete 10 surveys with in the end fake hacks? and you decide to look up videos on hacks at this game.
    Makes me think what your real intentions are. Complain about fake hacks because you couldnt find real ones to use yourself so in dissepointment you created this thread?

  • I’m closing this for now as the last thing we need is to attract attention to hacking, as you aren’t even saying you “caught” someone hacking, just searching for it in general.

    Why even search for it on youtube is beyond me.

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